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UVE MTZ Photographic Exhibition: The Wall Photo by Apertura Arrives in Batik

UVE MTZ’s work arrives in Batik as part of the photographic festival The Wall Photo organized by Apertura. A whole alternative plan in Malaga for those who love photography and gastronomy. The photography and visual arts centre of Malaga continues to promote the cultural expansion of the capital of the Costa del Sol with its Emerging Photography Festival. Do you want to know more about The Wall Photo Fest and the UVE MTZ exhibition in Batik? Read on to discover all the details of the event included in the Grupo Premium Preámbulo Non-Agenda.

What Is The Wall Photo Fest by Apertura?

This Festival of Emerging Photography of Malaga, as it is called by the organization, was born to make new photographers visible in unconventional spaces throughout the city. Thus they manage to create a cultural journey with photography as a guiding thread.

This initiative manages to put artists that the Apertura school in Malaga has been forming for almost three decades in the foreground. In total, more than 50 projects were submitted, of which “only” 5 will be exhibited around the city.

Mauro Curti, Beatriz Delgado Rodríguez, Ser Díez, Miguel Ángel Linares Mérida and UVE MTZ have been the five lucky ones who will see their projects hanging on the walls of some of the most striking spaces in Malaga.

With all this, Grupo Premium could not miss the local festival of photography and wanted to host one of the proposals…

UVE MTZ Photography Project Reaches Batik’s “Wall”

Yes, you read it right. One of Batik’s walls will be covered with the works of the UVE MTZ project. In honour of the festival “The Wall Photo” we have reserved only one of our murals for these photographic works of art. Thus, those who visit the exhibition or who come to enjoy Batik’s gastronomy will be able to admire the entire work, without distractions.

It is a photographic exhibition in an unconventional exhibition space. It’s an art and we couldn’t make it part of our restaurant deco. Although, let’s not deceive ourselves, during May and June our room will rise in category with these pieces.

With The beauty of the brutal, we find different portraits, in which one shuns personal beauty and seeks that of the environment. A kind of still life in which the whole portrait is part of the same aesthetic context. From the clothing to the use of lighting.

How does the author describe her photographic project?

“We live in a brutal world, we have gone from representing utopia to dystopia and back to utopia. For this reason, I want to represent my thoughts differently with sincerity and bestiality. I choose shapes and people as inert elements as if they were still life in unique spaces. For this I create the entire art direction from scratch, I choose the fabrics, clothes, accessories, masks, etc. I do not care about the individual beauty, but the beauty that is created by uniting your body/appearance with the idea and the space in which we are going to carry out each project. The photographs take you to the dystopian world you want to reach.”

When to Visit Batik’s Photo Exhibition?

Now that you know everything you need to know about the festival, Batik’s photographic exhibition and the works that will be exhibited, you just need to know when you can visit this photography exhibition at our restaurant in downtown Malaga.

On May 4, 2022, at 19.00 the event will be launched in Batik and the photographs will be present in our space during May and June, during the usual opening hours of the restaurant. So, if you’re passionate about photography, gastronomy or both, a visit to Batik in the coming months is more than justified. We are waiting for you!

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