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12 Gadgets for Travellers to Use during Your Holidays in Malaga

Are you preparing your visit to our boutique hotel? Do you already know your flight schedule, have your booking and have decided the things to do in Malaga to enjoy the Costa del Sol, the gastronomy and cultural events? The Alcazaba Premium Hotel team brings you 12 gadgets for travellers that will make your #experienciaPremium at our hotel in Malaga unique.

We hope there is still some room left in your suitcase and that you are ready for some last-minute shopping. Let’s go!

Travel gadgets for your luggage

First of all, we suggest you check out this great suitcase. The Carry-on checked bag from Away is the perfect hand luggage, durable and with lifetime warranty. It also comes in different colours and sizes. What makes it different? It’s a no brainer: it has a tested locking system, internal battery to top charge your devices, two separate spaces for your clothing and shoes or toiletries, and a super resistant structure. Made to suit the most demanding travellers.

Can you ask for more? Just a little thing. Do not ever lose track of your belongings thanks to TrakDot localization device. Thanks to its compact design, it won’t take too much space on your luggage and you will know where it is at all times. Forget about losing your bag. To complete your travel pack, add the VAGO mini-pump to compress your belongings and they will take even less space on your suitcase, so you will not miss anything during your stay at our luxury hotel in Spain.

Gadgets para viajeros

2017 Gadgets to carry your belongings

The cultural, gastronomic and leisure time offer in Malaga is vast and while you stay at our charming hotel you will be quite some time from here to there. Because you need to carry your belongings comfortably at all times, we bring you Oakley’s Packable bag, one to take into account, as it offers the storage capacity of a regular bag, but you can fold it to minimize the space it takes on your luggage. And you will not need pockets as big as the SCOTTeVEST jacket, a piece of garment that could be considered a suitcase due to its capacity. Your best ally against luggage restrictions.

Gadgets para viajes

However, there are situations where a bag pack is not the most comfortable way to carry your stuff, right? For example, if you go out for a drink or if you decide to enjoy some fresh air at our rooftop terrace in Malaga, you can store your belongings inside the Ensenada Scarf W. This discrete, ring-shaped scarf hides a pocket where you can keep your phone and purse secure.

As for security… We know that Malaga is a safe city, but you can never be too cautious. New technologies make our lives easier, but they also make it for the light-fingered. Now you can protect your credit cards and data thanks to wallets with RFID protection, like this PacSafe RFID-tec 250 that blocks signals from your card chips to prevent someone from copying them, even if they are in your pocket.

Gadgets de viaje

More excellent gadgets for travellers

If you booked your accommodation at our boutique hotel in Malaga it’s because you care about rest and comfort. That’s why we are sure you appreciate a good rest during the long waiting hours at airports or railway stations. With this WOOLLIP pillow, having a nap anywhere will not be a torture anymore. You’ll manage to sleep even on the bus!

During your holidays in Malaga you will certainly be spending some time at the beach, thanks to our record number of sunny days a year. In which case, do not forget to carry your CGear mat. You could say it even repels sand! Besides, if you also decide to take a Hammacher bag that shares this characteristic, you will leave all the sand on the beach and not on your clothing or your room.

Gadgets 2017 para viajeros

Are you a hiker passionate about nature? We have the perfect gadget for you: a bottle that purifies water, so that you will not have to worry about its quality, wherever you are. The All Clear from Camel Bak allows you to purify water using an ultraviolet light attached to the cap. It is easy to use and compact. The perfect companion for your adventures. We also know learning a language is really demanding, and you could not possibly learn the language of every place you visit. The team of the ICONSPEAK t-shirt has the solution. With this t-shirt full with representative icons you will be able to get your message through regardless of the local language. Just point at the symbols!

Viaja con los mejores gadgets de 2017

Did you like our 12 gadgets for travellers? Get those you fancy the most and, this way when you make up your mind about the things to do in Malaga, you will make the most out of your stay at our luxury hotel. Be it on a day at the museum, on the beach or just, enjoying a cocktail at our rooftop terrace in Malaga, we are sure you will be willing to carry with you some of these travel gadgets, won’t you?

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