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Art & Breakfast: Malaga Art Invades Alcazaba Premium Hostel

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The Art & Breakfast cultural event was held last June in the facilities of our Malaga hostel. In the fifth edition of this Malaga art event, Alcazaba Premium Hostel hosted for the first time this type of exhibitions in Malaga. This art exhibition was conceived to become a space where emerging artists could exchange experiences and promote the cooperation between gallery owners, organizers, publishers, artists and cultural managers.

Did you miss the Art & Breakfast exhibitions in 2019? Don’t worry, as always, we bring you the best recap of this Malaga art barometer.

Malaga Art Exhibitions Fill Alcazaba Premium Hostel Rooms

Our Malaga hostel has always been linked to arts and design. You just need to see our rooms, the aesthetics at our Batik restaurant or our lift’s decoration. And we can’t forget the art of gastronomy.

Photography: Diario SUR

However, this time we wanted to give Malaga art and its emerging artists the place they deserve. Our rooms were filled with a variety of high quality proposals, with pieces and concepts from a wide range of artistic disciplines. What’s more, we were lucky enough to have the artist Marc Montijano and to experience his retrospective work, which had an urgent desire for social change.

Malaga Exhibitions: Our Malaga Hostel Becomes a Museum

Altogether, the Art & Breakfast international exhibition for emerging art in Malaga presented 40 pieces, most by local artists. It was a great opportunity to add up to the offer of exhibitions and museums in Malaga.

Photography: Diario SUR

And since the aim of this exhibition is to support local artists and collectives, Malaga City Council granted a subsidy to develop four of the proposals of Malaga art that took part in this Art & Breakfast edition. The selected projects were: The O.B.B.L.Y Project, Cicerone’s Golf Suite, Jurasic Room and Little Cigarettes by Artbnb.

Art & Breakfast: Art Visits Malaga

Our Malaga hostel rooms lived this artistic event intensely. However, Malaga events and exhibitions during this weekend had no limits, just like art does.

Events related to Art & Breakfast 2019 were organized beyond Alcazabilla street. Workshops, courses and talks by Darko, Marc Montijano, the filmmaker Jota Linares and the cultural manager Pedro Vargas were held at Museo Picasso Malaga, Centre Pompidou Malaga and the Carmen Thyssen Museum, respectively.

The most artistic weekend in Malaga ended with a concert from many singer-songwriters in the facilities of our downtown Malaga hostel. As we told you, the exhibitions of Art & Breakfast in Alcazaba Premium Hostel leave no one indifferent. So, pay attention to our news and don’t miss out all the events we organize in our facilities. We will be waiting for you!


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