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Awarded Malaga Cocktails: Our Malaga Rooftop Terrace’s Barman Stands out Before the Barmen’s Association

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Lovers of cocktails in Malaga have reasons to celebrate. We already know the winners of the 37th Provincial Cocktail Competition of the Malaga-Costa del Sol Barmen’s Association, which was held on 28 June in Benalmadena. Premium Group and, above all, our Malaga Rooftop Terrace, La Terraza de la Alcazaba, have reasons to celebrate since our cocktail experts have proven their skills and they have received the recognition they deserve.

Do you want to find out more about the event which has focused Malaga cocktail lovers’ attention on our Malaga hostel?

Malaga Cocktail Championship: Carlos Caba, First Award for Young Barman

During the event, sponsored by Malaga Flavour and the Council of Malaga, the best provincial barmen gathered to show their skills. And it was quite an occasion, because the provincial representatives for the next national championship would be elected among the winners.

This provincial Malaga cocktail competition is divided into these categories: Gin Tonic by Schweppes, Long Drink, Best Technique, Best Barman and Young Barman.

In all categories we saw a wide deployment of technique, creativity and excellent taste in the decoration of the different cocktails with which the jury was delighted by the barmen. However, the good news for our downtown Malaga hostel arrived in the last category. The bright hope of cocktails in Malaga, Carlos Caba Comba, from our Malaga rooftop terrace, earned the first award.

Now, our colleague Carlos will take the refreshing flavour of Malaga cocktails at La Terraza de la Alcazaba to the National Competition.

The New cocktails in Malaga Are from Premium Group

However, the good news did not ended with Carlos Caba. Premium Group increased its representation in the Provincial Cocktail Competition with Yannick Lopes, La Fábrica’s barman, who obtained the third place in the same category.

The freshness of Malaga cocktails does not only come from their ingredients, but it is also provided by their young and brilliant barmen.

Now we just have to wait for the result in the National Competition, which will be held next November in Navarra and… Who knows? Perhaps Carlos eventually takes the name of our Malaga hostel to the World Cocktail Competition!

And what about you? Do you want to refresh your summer nights with the cocktails of the best Young Barman in Malaga? At La Terraza de la Alcazaba you have at hand the Malaga cocktails which could conquer the national scene. We are waiting for you!

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