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Best Restaurants in Malaga: Batik Celebrates its 4th Anniversary

05-02-2019, Batik

Batik, our restaurant in Malaga, is considered one of the best restaurants in Malaga. A restaurant to enjoy the history and gastronomy of the city. This year will be our 4th and that is reason enough to organise something really special like the ultimate dish selection that will be available from February 1st to February 10th! Logically, we are looking forward to celebrating our anniversary and we hope you will be delighted to join in. Brace yourself! Surprises are coming!

Batik Malaga: A Restaurant in Downtown Malaga Making History

After four years, our restaurant Batik in Malaga has conquered one of the top places in the city’s gastronomy scene and begins to write its own history. We are proud and happy to have you all backing us, after all this time. Thanks to you, we have become one of the most iconic restaurants in downtown Malaga. Here’s to your health!

For that reason, we want to celebrate our fourth anniversary as one of the best restaurants in Malaga would do: offering various haute-cuisine dishes specially selected for the occasion. We have been inspired by some of our classic dishes to create this delicious gastronomic list, from which you can order the dish you like the most, although we could not possibly choose just one! We are certain that at our restaurant Batik there is no better way to start an anniversary than with something delicate. Try the Caramelized goat cheese salad with local grown mango. This flavour mix will whet your appetite for what comes next: Roasted octopus with pumpkin stew, pak choi and green mojo veil. No one said that eating healthy and tasting exquisite flavours could not go hand in hand… Of course it’s possible!

In our restaurant in Malaga we also enjoy traditional flavours, such as the characteristic salty and soft touch of the Codfish with sweet spicy chickpea cream and dried pepper foam. Coming up is the Grilled king prawn with Martini and citronella tom kha thale a real delicacy if you have a real passion for Thai food; in that case, this dish is made for you. At the end of this list of gastronomic options, you’ll find the Roasted banana, creamy white chocolate, passion fruit ice cream and Baileys glass that is a real pleasure for your palate. It’s often said that the best is saved for last, isn’t it?

Restaurant Batik in Malaga is Celebrating

At our restaurant in Malaga we started a dream four years ago. This dream is fulfilled every time we see satisfaction in our customers’ faces. What characterizes Batik is, above all, the creativity in all culinary forms, the dishes’ decoration and the techniques used by our extraordinary kitchen team.

Would you like to enjoy this unique selection in one of the best restaurants in downtown Malaga? Call us on +34 952 22 10 45 to make your booking and do not wait any longer to join us on such a special date. See you by the Alcazaba!


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