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Fish Dishes Arrive at Our Malaga Restaurant: Welcome to the “Rebalaje, anzuelo y a la mesa” Gastronomic Days

14-10-2020, Uncategorized, Batik, Málaga
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Ven a Restaurante Batik en pleno centro de Málaga
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In our Malaga‎ restaurant, we are always ready to innovate so you can enjoy the best delicacies. On this occasion, we organised a series of gastronomic days featuring some succulent fish dishes: Welcome to the “Rebalaje, anzuelo y a la mesa” gastronomic days! Thus, from 15th to 25th October, you could experience an endless number of marine flavours in our Batik restaurant. Don’t miss any detail!

Malaga Restaurants: Discover the Wide Variety of Flavours in Our Fish Dishes

At Batik we are true lovers of the marine world and the sensations that some delicious fish dishes evoke. Therefore, if you are a fish lover too, we would like to honour you by inviting you to taste the wide variety of options that you will find on our gastronomic days’ menu. Here we go!

To start on the right foot, we recommend the exquisite Tacos of pickled bonito, over pepper salad and kimchee mayonnaise: your palate will be flooded by a whole range of flavours.

On the other hand, if strong emotions (and flavours) are your thing, dare to try the Lemon fish sashimi on vinegary rice, dashi stock, tobiko roe and citrus vinaigrette. You won’t be disappointed!

Now that you warmed up, let your palate be surprised by the unique Sardine stuffed with provolone and sobrassada, a delicacy that will not go unnoticed. You should definitely come and give it a try!

Enjoy the Gastronomic Days in Our Malaga Restaurant

If you can’t make up your mind on any of the fish dishes we suggested, wait for the main course. For those who love variety, we suggest some delicious Albacore fillets on a wok of micro vegetables and beet oil, sesame and asparagus. An unbeatable taste!

Finally, ready to win you over from the very first moment, consider our fantastic Monkfish carpaccio, Malaga pipirrana, lime and mustard dressing over gazpacho cream. Once you try it, you won’t want it to run out.

Rebalaje, anzuelo y a la mesa gastronomic days

We know this is a very difficult choice. If you haven’t decided on a Malaga restaurant yet, take note: from 15th to 25th October, you have an appointment with the “Rebalaje, anzuelo y a la mesa” gastronomic days in our Batik restaurant. Book now and don’t miss the opportunity to try all our fish dishes. We will be waiting for you!

Rebalaje, anzuelo y a la mesa Gastronomic Days
Batik Restaurant, C/ Alcazabilla, 12,Málaga,Málaga-29015
Starting on
15 octubre, 2020
Ending on
25 octubre, 2020
from 15th to 25th October, you could experience an endless number of marine flavours in our Batik restaurant. Don't miss any detail!

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