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Japanese Food at Our Malaga Restaurant: Flavours of the Rising Sun

23-05-2019, Batik
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5/5 - (1 vote)

Japanese food is still trendy in every single Malaga restaurant. We love this kind of food and so do you, right? That’s why we want to surprise you… with a genuine Japanese food in Malaga in our new gastronomy event! From 23 May to 2 June, you can taste an amazing selection of premium Japanese food typical flavours. Are you curious about it? Then draw your chopsticks!

A Japanese Food Full of Tradition and Innovations at Our Malaga Restaurant

Japanese food has many traditions that have passed down through generations and we try to conform to them as much as possible at our Malaga restaurant. One of the priorities of the Japanese food is the design and the presentation of the dishes. According to its gastronomic culture, the appreciation for food must begin with the sense of sight and continue with the sense of taste once you have tried the delicious flavour of every ingredient.

Besides, Japanese food is marked by its care for the details in order to elaborate excellent meals. At our Malaga restaurant, we know what we are talking about, since we strive to bring the best delicacies of the country of the rising sun to the heart of our city. That’s why, from 23 May to 2 June, you could discover these delicacies from Japan itself. Maybe it is a good idea to start with some of the most traditional Japanese food, like our fried veggie gyozas with sweet chili? Tempting, isn’t it?

Japanese food has two major distinctive elements: a great innovation and a growing creativity reflected on dishes like our ebi tempura uramaki with smoked butterfish. Have you ever tried this fish? The creamy and crunchy texture of the tempura will take you to Japanese lands. That’s the real magic of our Malaga restaurant! At the same time, you can choose the beef ramen with soja egg¸ another delicacy of this magnificent Japanese food selection. Do you feel the tasty touch of soja sauce and the different spices? To finish with our marvellous selection appropriately, the sakura mochi kanto is waiting for you. It’s a reinterpretation of a traditional sweet filled with bean paste covered by leaves of a Japanese cherry tree.

Japanese Food at Our Centric Malaga Restaurant: A Dream Come True

Japanese food at our Malaga restaurant keeps its essence in all the dishes we design. Much of its charm is the connection between tradition and the strives for refining gastronomy; this way, Japanese food in Malaga becomes a real pleasure thanks to the exquisite flavours that you can find in every corner of the dish.

If you want to have a genuine Japanese food experience elaborated by our kitchen team at our Malaga restaurant, call at +34 952 22 10 45 or send an email to From 23 May to 2 June, explore in depth the culture and the best Japanese food surrounded by the most emblematic places of the city centre.

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