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Malaga Film Festival 2018 – Mouth-watering Movie-inspired Dishes at Alcazaba Premium Hostel

09-04-2018, Batik

Malaga Film Festival 2018 is finally here. With the streets of the city bursting with the best of national and international film industry. Malaga Festival is already one of the most important events in Spanish cinema, as shown by the participation of feature films from the other side of the pond in the official section of the festival. Want to know what to do in Malaga during the film festival to have a great time? At Alcazaba Premium Hostel we have a very special surprise for you! From 13 to 22 April, get ready to enjoy a few days of cinema.

The big events of the festival will take place in downtown Malaga, like the Albéniz cinema, next door to our boutique hostel. Thanks to our central location, you will be able to experience the Malaga Festival from the inside. Even the website Trivago recommends us as one of the best choices to enjoy the Festival, both for the location and for the facilities & services our hostel has to offer. That is why, since we are very enthusiastic about it and want to live up to the great event of Spanish cinema, we’ve prepared a special menu in honour of Malaga Film Festival 2018.

Malaga Film Festival 2018 and a movie-inspired menu

Malaga Film Festival 2018 Menu at Alcazaba Premium Hostel

Do you want to feel like the real star of a blockbuster film? Come to our Batik restaurant and try what we have specially prepared for you: a special menu that combines gastronomy and cinema. A selection of dishes worthy of the Biznaga de Oro of the Malaga Festival, which you can enjoy from the 13 to the 22 of April.

Among the wonders that Mario Rosado has created, we will have Veggies with Sesame and Cajun Spices Samosas, inspired by the French romance Blue is the Warmest Colour. The classic When Harry met Sally brings us another protagonist of the gastronomy of the cinema. Enjoy our very own Pastrami Sandwich. And, with all the magic of the seventh art, comes a Chocolate Cake that not even Matilda herself would let pass.

Malaga Festival and the Premium Family

After enjoying our movie-inspired menu, you will have the necessary strength for an intense Spanish film session. Do you already know where you will be enjoying the festival? This year, Malaga Film Festival 2018 also takes place in La Fábrica de cerveza, in the heart of Malaga’s Soho. The new Premium Family location will host films and will serve as official venue for different events of the Film Festival. It is the ideal meeting point to enjoy the best cinema, after a spectacular menu.

If you didn’t know what to do in Malaga this year during the Festival, we hope we have given you a bunch of good reasons. Alcazaba Premium Hostel is the perfect plan to give a touch of flavour to the Malaga Festival with its movie-inspired dishes.

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