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Malaga Restaurant: Dare to Try the New Batik Restaurant Menu

18-02-2020, Batik
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Our restaurant in Malaga renews its gastronomic offer once again to keep up with the latest trends and refresh its dishes with seasonal products. The new Batik restaurant menu is full of new delicacies that will delight our customers. This time, Batik offers an endless number of seasonal flavours that will cast the leading role in its dishes and a wide selection of the most exclusive wines.

If you still don’t know what’s on in Malaga, try our Batik restaurant and enjoy an unparalleled dining experience. You will be stunned!

The astonishing variety of flavours in the New Batik Restaurant Menu

One of our Malaga restaurant’s main feature is its on-going renovation, based on the desire to delight our customers with the very best gastronomic experience. From next January 19, the new Batik restaurant menu will offer you a wide range of special dishes and flavours. Besides, our dishes can be adapted in case of allergies or intolerances. Don’t miss the new gastronomic offer at your favourite restaurant!

If you are one of our unconditional supporters, don’t worry, because you could still find some of our usual dishes at Malaga restaurant with the genuine touch from seasonal products. To start, try our delicious new Baba ganoush of aubergine, cumin, coriander and garlic, a delicacy to be shared. Or you can rather choose between our exquisite Foie micuit with PX touch, smoked corns and passion fruit yogurt and the exotic taste of Chicken with garam massala and tandoori sauce.

But there are more news. From Batik’s new menu, we suggest you try the tasty Japanese style Mediterranean sea bass tacos with avocado, pico de gallo and mango mayonnaise that will provide an exotic and finger-licking delicious element. In addition, the combination of flavours of our Garlic mushrooms pita with arugula, brie cheese and light mustard and sweet chili mayonnaise will never stop amazing you.

As you can see, it’s going to be difficult to choose between all these delicatessen of the new Batik restaurant menu, and we are not done yet. In our Malaga restaurant we know that you like our classics as much as you like our novelties. That’s why we keep reinventing ourselves. If fish is your thing, we invite you to try our delicious Roasted Mediterranean sea bass with “esparragao” cream and ham and squid oil. You will not regret it. On the other hand, if you like meat, you can choose between our juicy Pork cheeks with sherry wine sauce and sweet potato and goat cheese parmentier or the tasty Low temperature roasted lamb with veggies cous cous, its juice reduction and caramelised onion with PX. And these are just some of our stars. If you want to discover all the secrets of this menu, you can take a look here.

New Wine Menu in Our Malaga Restaurant

If you liked our new menu, wait, there is even more. We also have a new wine menu! We know that every good meal should be paired properly, so you could find the best selection of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines at Batik. Plenty of options!

Red lovers! We offer you a wide range of wines, from the native Pernales, with designation of origin from Sierra de Malaga, to the exotic Côte-du-Rhône Les Becs Fins, with the villages of the Côte du Rhône designation of origin, an excellent option to explore the Rhôde red wines. Nevertheless, if you are into white wines, you could taste the most typical Malaga wine, La ola del melillero, with Sierra de Malaga designation of origin, in our Malaga restaurant. This surprising white wine merges dry, floral, saline and muscatel grape flavours… What else could be more typical from Malaga?

Among our new rosé wines, we would like to introduce you to the exquisite Libalis rosé, with Sadacia Valleys designation of origin. Freshness’s wine is due to the collection of its grapes taking place at night, and it also has a unique citric and strawberry flavour. Finally, sparkling wines could not miss in our new menu. Ideal for any special occasion. Specifically, at Batik we present Mumm Rosé, an exquisite champagne that evokes summer fruits and delights with a tasty and prolonged finish.

Now you do know. If you want to learn what’s on in Malaga and be delighted by the tastes of this new year, come over to our Malaga restaurant and discover all the surprises the new Batik restaurant menu holds. We will be waiting for you!


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