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Malaga’s Holy Week 2017: Processions of Malaga’s Holy Week at Alcazaba Premium Hostel

Watch the processions of Malaga’s Holy Week at our youth hostel in downtown Malaga!

Malaga’s Holy Week is one of the favourite holidays in the city and, of course, in our boutique hostel in downtown Malaga we join this feeling and enjoy the whole week surrounded by a special aroma of incense and flowers. We have the privilege of being located in downtown Malaga, next to the Alcazaba and many other monuments and museums. But there is even more… Many of the processions of Malaga’s Holy Week march down and around Alcazabilla street -at our very doorstep-, leaving unforgettable scenes: drums, incense, conical headwears, spontaneous saetas (flamenco verses sung at the processions), cheer…

This event is definitely one of the most famous and spectacular festivities in the city and was declared of International Tourist Interest in 1980. So, you already know what to do in Malaga during the Passion Week! You will also find many fellow locals, who go out to see, follow, applaud, cheer and sing to their favourite processions. This is a spectacle well worth seeing, which moves even non-believers.

Alcazaba Premium Hostel, in downtown Malaga, is certainly the best option to spend your Easter holidays. Choose what to do in Malaga and taste the innovative food of our Batik restaurant, enjoy the outstanding views from our rooftop terrace… and live the tradition in its purest form through our Holy Week.

Vistas privilegiadas de la Semana Santa desde las terrazas de APH

Since Alcazaba Premium Hostel is not just one youth hostel more in Spain, we have gathered for you the preliminary parades and processions that march at our very doorstep this year. Do not miss anything out! Come and enjoy them from our rooftop terrace or our restaurant!

Preliminary parades

– Friday 31 March

Estudiantes: Church of Cristo de la Salud, at 10pm.
Route: Compañía, Plaza de la Constitución, Granada, Plaza del Carbón, Plaza del Siglo, Granada, Plaza Jesús Castellanos, San Agustín, Císter, Alcazabilla, Casa Hermandad.

– Thursday 6 April

El Rico: Parish Church of Santiago, at 9pm.
Route: Nosquera, Comedias, Santa Lucía, Granada, Plaza del Carbón, Plaza del Siglo, Duque de la Victoria, San Agustín, Císter, Alcazabilla, Plaza Jesús El Rico, Victoria, Casa Hermandad.

– Thursday 13 April

Sepulcro: Church of Cristo de la Salud, at 1:30pm.
Route: Abbey of Santa Ana, Císter, Alcazabilla, Casa Hermandad.


– Monday 10 April

Cristo de los Estudiantes: Casa Hermandad (Alcazabilla).
Route: Casa Hermandad (6:45pm), Cister, Duque de la Victoria […] Alcazabilla (2:00am), Casa Hermandad.

– Wednesday 12 April

El Rico: Parish Church of Santiago.
Route: Casa Hermandad (6:45pm), Victoria, Plaza de Jesús “El Rico”, Alcazabilla (7:15pm) […] Plaza de la Aduana, Alcazabilla (1:00am), Casa Hermandad.

– Thursday 13 April

Sagrada Cena: Parish Church of Santos Mártires Ciriaco y Paula.
Route: Casa Hermandad (5:20pm), Compañía, Fajardo, Fernán González […] Alcazabilla (9:30pm), Plaza de la Merced, Álamos, Carretería, Puerta Nueva, Casa Hermandad (1:30am).

– Friday 14 April

El Sepulcro: Cister Convent.
Route: Casa Hermandad (8:00pm), Alcazabilla (8:15pm) […] Plaza de la Aduana, Alcazabilla (01:45am), Casa Hermandad (2:05am).

For more information on the routes and time schedules of Malaga’s Holy Week 2017, click here.

Do not hesitate any more what to do in Malaga these days and enjoy the processions at Alcazaba Premium Hostel… You won’t miss out any detail from our outstanding panoramic views!

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