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Paradise Malaga Beaches: Your Next Getaway

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Malaga beaches are well-known for the variety, quality and services they offer. As getaway destination, who wouldn’t choose these paradise Malaga beaches with approximately 100 miles of coastline bathed equally by the Mediterranean and the sunshine? Don’t you know what to do in Malaga? Go to the beach and you make up your mind.

On your own, with your partner, with friends and even with your pet. The Costa del Sol beaches offer plans to suit all tastes. From our hostel in Malaga city centre, all beaches are within a short walking distance, or you can take the good public transport links get there and enjoy without too much of a hassle.

Did you bring your towel? There we go!

  1. Beaches in Nerja and Maro
  2. Cabopino Beach (Marbella)
  3. Bil-Bil Beach in Benalmadena
  4. Malaga Beaches in The Capital
  5. Dog Beaches in Malaga
  6. Pedregalejo Beach
  7. Los Álamos Beach, Malaga/Torremolinos
  8. Punta Chullera Beach, Manilva

1) Beaches in Nerja and Maro

In the province’s far East we find a series of paradise Malaga beaches! There’s no need to take an intercontinental aircraft to enjoy secluded beaches with turquoise waters. Malaga beaches, particularly those from Nerja, offer all the services you can need in a tourist area. Or, if you prefer, there is an endless number of Maro small coves only a short walk away. These coves will give you privacy and you will enjoy the breathtaking reaches of nature, almost untouched.

These are the favourites ones for those who love water sports. Kayak, diving, paddle-surf… plenty of activities where you can discover difficult-to-access beaches and the network of cliffs and caves hidden in the coastline.

2) Cabopino Beach (Marbella)

Right in the other side, in Marbella, we find another unique natural element, unknown for locals and tourists: the Dunes of Artola. This wonder of nature is considered a natural monument since 2001 and is a living testimony of the aspect that Malaga beaches have before the urban tsunami.

It’s a familiar beach with a beautiful landscape. Thanks to its location and dimensions, the only artificial elements are Cabopino’s small port to the East and Torre Ladrones at the entrance. It has a great range of activities and also provides a nudist area.

3) Bil-Bil Beach in Benalmadena

A fine-grain urban beach dominated by the castle it shares its name with. This Arabic style building from 1927 is now an exhibition gallery, but above all is a distinctive element of this sandy area with a charming promenade.

A delight for all the senses since it includes a great variety of restaurants where you can enjoy the local Mediterranean gastronomy.

4) Malaga Beaches in The Capital

Andalusia, the autonomous community that has more beaches with tourist quality marks. As usual, this year San Andrés beach and its neighbour, Misericordia beach, have this mark.

This large coastline area of Malaga is one of the favourite beaches for locals and more and more tourists because of its wide gastronomic offer and services like parking lots, access for disabled people, designated areas for family and children among others.

5) Dog Beaches in Malaga

We didn’t forget about our furry friends. We are sure that you were missing an offer to know what to do in Malaga if you want to spend a perfect beach day with your four-legged friend.

Municipalities show more and more interest in increasing the offer for dog beaches in Malaga. Nowadays we can enjoy a refreshing bathing with our pets on Castillo Sohail beach (Fuengirola), ArroyoTotalán (Rincón de la Victoria), Piedra Paloma (Casares), Torre del Mar (Vélez-Málaga), El Pinillo and Ventura del Mar (Marbella), and Torrox.

6) Pedregalejo Beach

Back in the capital, between El Palo district and the centre you will find one of the best beaches in the capital. Pedregalejo beach is formed by a series of artificial coves. Due to the breakwaters dividing the small coves, this beach in Malaga has shallow waters. That’s why it is an ideal place to spend a day with kids. Besides, this beach offers services such as showers, toilets, green areas, playgrounds, … Everything you may need in a day at the beach in Malaga.

If we go away from the water, we can enjoy promenade with over 1200 meters (almost 1 mile), fringed by old fishermen’s houses, which gives a very particular touch to this beach in the capital of the Costa del Sol. Almost daily, this promenade is filled with locals and visitors of all ages to enjoy the traditional cuisine in the typical chiringuitos (beach bars) or to buy souvenirs on the craft stalls that are usually placed next to the sand. This is one of the most visited beaches in Malaga for a reason!

7) Los Álamos Beach, Malaga/Torremolinos

Once known as Cañuelo beach, today it is popularly referred to as Los Álamos beach. This Malaga beach is located on the line between the capital and the neighbouring town of Torremolinos. It has large parking areas and good bus connection from Malaga. But this beach did not become famous for its connections.

During the last decade, Los Álamos has been the baseline beach younger peoples from surrounding towns. Due to its wide sandy beach, its proximity to commercial areas and its nightlife offer, this beach has become a pilgrimage place for locals and tourists.

But at Los Álamos there’s more than party. At the easternmost end of the beach, you can find a resting place, farther away from bars and chiringuitos. What’s more, on windy and wavy days, this beach in Malaga is often visited by surfers and kitesurfers. Therefore, if you can’t go for a swim, you’ll enjoy these athletes’ acrobatics… It’s a win-win!

8) Punta Chullera Beach, Manilva

Back to the westernmost end of the region, we discover the beach of Punta Chullera, in Manilva. Its golden sand and its very particular rock formations, which create a particularly beautiful landscape, characterise this beach. Get your swimsuit and your camera ready! But why do we consider this as one of the best beaches in Malaga?

It’s simple: its difficult access, its scarce parking spaces and its small size (only 700 meters or half a mile) help this beach to keep its occupancy rate low. That is why its waters remain clean and crystal clear. However, as in the best beaches of the Costa del Sol, in Punta Chullera beach (in Manilva) you will find toilets, showers and a small chiringuito. Everything to make sure you don’t miss anything on your beach day!

Now that you know what to do in Malaga to enjoy our best beaches, regardless of the company, the hard part will be choosing only one. Our advice? Try them all!

One thing is for sure: whether you go alone or in group, you can always recover your strength back in the rooms of our downtown Malaga hostel or with the help of the delicious dishes our Batik restaurant has to offer!

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