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Our Malaga Restaurant Prepares for Summer with its new Batik Restaurant Menu

23-05-2019, Batik
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5/5 - (1 vote)

Our Malaga restaurant celebrates the arrival of good weather with the new Batik restaurant menu. Do you already feel the summer breeze but you don’t know what’s on in Malaga? The new Batik restaurant menu will leave you speechless. Spring inspires us to revive just like summer inspires us to live, that is why we have made some changes to our Malaga restaurant. If you want to discover them all, keep reading!

Our Malaga Restaurant and the New Batik Restaurant Menu

Our Malaga restaurant has eagerly waited for spring to arrive and we wanted this to show in the new Batik restaurant menu. After the cold winter, time has come to renew some of our delicious dishes with fresh and different touches. From 15th May, our Malaga restaurant will turn into a majestic tree that has sprouted during this season, with each dish of the new Batik restaurant menu being a leave that has gracefully come out to surprise all diners.

In our Malaga restaurant we know which is the best way to start a nice meal… Do you want to discover what’s on in Malaga and enjoy the refreshing spring atmosphere while you dive into a world of seasonal flavours? We invite you to try our wonderful starter, the Peach cold soup with red wine slush, a mix of new and traditional flavours that never goes out of style. Authentic star dishes for all seasons!

New Batik Restaurant Menu: The Ambrosia of Spring in Malaga

Our Malaga restaurant is known for, the exotic nuances it incorporates to each of its dishes, among other things. That is what happens with our fantastic Octopus tiradito with anticucho sauce and roasted peppers salad or with the outstanding Fried butterfish tataki with shichimi togarashi salt. Due to its light texture and the mixture of different Japanese spices, ordering these two dishes is a winning combination. And, while you enjoy the surprising trip through these flavours, we also want you to feel like you are at the very Mediterranean with our Lobster and pumpkin risotto with Parmesan crunch. Your mouth will water just by looking at it!

Among the summer delights of our Malaga restaurant you can find the Steak tartar with hazelnut praline and homemade lemon marmalade to give just the right touch of sweetness and bitterness to your food. Of course, the new Batik restaurant menu includes a special dish that will remind you of the green plants growing this season, like the Chateaubriand with mushroom mix and green asparagus. If you saved room for dessert, indulge yourself by trying the exquisite Chocolate coulant with mango ice cream, made with all our love to become the refreshing finishing touch of the meal.

Batik Restaurant in Malaga: Taste the Spring in the Heart of the City

Our Malaga restaurant is inspired by the recent start of the spring season. The new Batik restaurant menu proves it by connecting seasonal ingredients that reminds us of the freshness of this time of the year. Delight yourself with the dishes of our new seasonal menu and then take your time around the table now that the days are getting longer and longer. There are no excuses not to visit us!

Book your table now calling (+34) 952 22 98 78 or send us an e-mail to Come to our Batik restaurant in Malaga, the perfect place to know what’s on in Malaga this spring. We will be waiting for you!

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