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The 2017 Feria de Malaga: All You Need to Know

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Ole, ole y ole! The Feria de Málaga is almost here! The most important party of Malaga is coming and we can hardly wait at Alcazaba Premium Hostel! At our boutique hostel, located in the heart of the city, we are looking forward to celebrating this party, which is the most important one of the year, with all the boquerones (that’s how we call the Malaga people) and foreign visitors. Do you want some tips and recommendations on what to do in Malaga on this special date? Then, continue reading this!

Fireworks from our Batik Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace

Year after year, the Feria de Málaga (or Malaga Fair) starts with the famous Fireworks. On Friday August 11th, after el pregón (a short speech given by some celebrity connected in some way with the city) given by LaMari, singer from the music group Chambao, on this occasion, the Fireworks will burst into the sky just at midnight, illuminating the city skyline and officially opening the Malaga Fair. Do you want to enjoy them from an exceptional spot? Come up to our Rooftop Terrace and taste a cool Cartojal (typical sweet Muscat wine) while enjoying the colours and lights of this special week. A non-stop Fair during 10 days. Also, don’t forget about the Opening Music Show after the Fireworks, which will take place right in the city centre and will be given by the famous local group Chambao!

(Take a look at the amazing Fireworks of Feria de Malaga 2016 views from our Rooftop Terrace and Batik Restaurant that will take your breath)

The Downtown Malaga Fair at Our Boutique Hostel

The Malaga Fair will not stop for 10 days! You can enjoy it from Friday August 11th to Sunday August 20th in downtown, in its historical streets, such as Larios Street, Granada Street or Plaza de la Constitución, and feel it the best way possible, as the boquerones do, by crowding the historical centre and by partying in every corner and street.  If you want to experience it from an exceptional spot, book now a room in our boutique hostel and you will have the Fair at your feet. Literally!

To enjoy the Malaga Fair properly, you will have to walk along the downtown with a nice glass of Cartojal in your hand, eat pescaíto (typical Malaga fish) at any of the city centre restaurants and stop to delight yourself watching any of the many groups of verdiales (popular traditional music of Malaga), that you will easily find while walking in the centre.

Feria de Málaga 2017

The Malaga Fair from the Real

In addition to the downtown Fair, you can also visit the Real de la Feria. This facility, located a few kilometres away from the city centre, is composed by multiple free-access casetas, which are big stands where you can eat local food, drink, dance or listen to music all day long. The Real brings together the essence of the Fair: horses, shows, performances, party and music for all tastes. A magnificent space which offers the best of Malaga and malagueños and where you can live a Day and Night Fair in the same spot!

Music in Malaga Fair

Do you like music? This may attract your attention… Not only will you find music on every street but also there will be daily shows and performances in different spots: the Auditorio Municipal, the Casa de la Juventud and many different casetas. In this year, the Fair Program includes shows from well-known Spanish artists like Chambao, Café Quijano, Danza invisible, David Bustamante or Soraya. This complete musical program begins on Friday August 11th, with the Chambao music show at Malagueta Beach after the Fireworks, around 0:20 pm.

And don’t forget…

Before starting and enjoying the Malaga Fair, don’t forget some simple recommendations:

> Wear light and fresh clothes, Malaga streets are burning in August! Sun can seriously damage your skin and the temperature can reach 35 Celsius degrees.

> In addition to the typical Cartojal, remember to drink water from time to time to be well hydrated!

> Go over the Fair Program and plan the shows and concerts you’ll love to attend, so you will not miss any of them!

> If you want to eat at one of the most requested places, try to go early, as the centre tends to get crowded during Fair, especially on public holidays and weekends. So, it would be perfect to visit these places from Monday to Friday. Don’t forget our Batik Restaurant, located at our hostel in Malaga centre, where you can rest and recover your strength for keeping up with the party!

Come to our Rooftop Terrace during the Feria de Malaga 2017

> Drink responsibly. Cartojal and Rebujito (a Sherry with soda cocktail) can be strong if you drink them under the high temperatures of Malaga sky!

For further information regarding the Malaga Fair 2017, check here the schedule for events and shows (in Spanish).

And always remember that Alcazaba Premium Hostel staff will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have. Visit us during these amazing 10 days and experience the Malaga atmosphere livelier than ever!

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