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The First Gastro-hotel in Malaga is a Complete Success

25-08-2017, Premium Group, Málaga
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Behind the first gastro-hotel in Malaga opening there are long hours of effort, work and dedication, in the aim to provide our guests and customers with our distinctive #experienciaPremium. But, as it is very often said, every effort has been well rewarded. Malaga Premium Hotel is already a complete success.

The Premium family is thrilled with the welcome that locals and visitors granted our new member. Its facilities, two restaurants, and the stunning Terraza de San Juan make this new hotel in Malaga downtown the perfect option for any occasion.

Gastro-hotel in Malaga Downtown: Fusion Cuisine Around the Corner

The success of any gastro-hotel is measured, among other things, by its food. If you are looking for unique restaurants in Malaga downtown, we have good news. Our Yubá and Bendito restaurants, that have been working non-stop since the great opening, are the places to go for fusion cuisine foodies. These new restaurants ensure an excellent experience to anyone looking for new flavour combinations, as a result of the fusion between the local food and the exquisite international culinary traditions.

Yubá, after only two months on the gastronomic panorama of the city, is already a reference to take into account. It offers an exotic and intimate atmosphere, thanks to its colonial motifs, framed with its huge windows and a cosy interior patio.

Restaurant Bendito at Málaga Premium Hotel

Bendito, for its part, amazes with its versatility and freshness. Here visitors can enjoy high-end gastronomy from breakfast to dinner. Its terrace is the perfect place to experience life like a malagueño; nonetheless, if you prefer an intimate spot, its indoor space with original 60’s decoration is a no-brainer. Also do not forget its spectacular and unique izakaya bar, with its oriental inspiration, that will make you enjoy the very best of Bendito right on the street.

La Terraza de San Juan, the New Meeting Point at the Top of Malaga Downtown

Our new gastro-hotel in Malaga downtown not only offers these two exotic restaurants -the right choice for those big foodies- but also raises its recreation offer up to the rooftop terrace La Terraza de San Juan, which has been a hive from day one. Both guests and visitors can now quench their thirst with our diverse and exquisite cocktails.

And, if you are wondering what to do in Malaga during the summer nights, is there a better option than a terrace from where you could enjoy the night cityscape and the fresh air. But that is not all! This new rooftop chill-out terrace could also become your next venue for that event you are organizing. Many of our customers have already tried it, and it could not have been better!

The team of the restaurants of Málaga Premium Hotel

Launching Offer: Book Your Accommodation in Malaga with a 20% Discount

Malaga Premium Hotel, the new member of the Premium family, still offers its launching discount. Don’t you know? Let us tell you about it. To celebrate its great opening, the first gastro-hotel in Malaga gives you the chance to save 20% on your bookings, only for the first 100 bookings between the 15th of July and the 31st of December. Need more details? Read on here. On behalf of the Premium family, thank you for the great welcome you have granted our new hotel in Malaga! Now, hurry up and enjoy the real #experienciaPremium that many locals and visitors already had.

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