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Valentine’s Day Dinner in Malaga: The Most Romantic Menu at Our Restaurant in Malaga

22-01-2020, Batik
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Looking for a place to enjoy your Valentine’s Day dinner in Malaga? Once again, our restaurant Batik in Malaga offers you the most romantic Valentine’s Day menu in town. At our boutique hostel we have everything ready so you don’t have to worry about planning Valentine’s Day 2020. After all, it’s a day to spend with your partner and nothing else.

Don’t give it another thought. Wait and see the dishes that our team at Batik restaurant prepared for this special occasion… you’ll feel Cupid’s love darts coming straight to your… palate!

If you can’t wait to read everything we’ve prepared for you and want to book your Valentine’s Day 2020 dinner, book here now.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu at Batik

At Alcazaba Premium Hostel we are true romantics. That is why, year after year, we strive to offer you and your partner the best experience on this special day. This time we offer the perfect menu for those who have shared their love for years, those who are just starting their journey together and even those who want to conquer a new love.

Because love overcomes anything, but a good Valentine’s Day plan helps too. And this year, the perfect plan for the most romantic Valentine’s Day in Malaga will be the special menu at our restaurant Batik.

The evening begins with Verni clams, pico de gallo and Bloody Mary foam and continues with a delicate Candied nuts salad with foie, toasted goat cheese and cane syrup vinaigrette. As if these were not enough, the starters end with the Fish and seafood crunchy croquette with its tartar. If this combination of flavours does not conquer your heart, wait until you taste the main courses. Seabass, creamy bisque with tomato and mushroom warm vinaigrette is the fish choice for the most delicate palates. Pork loin in PX sauce and bacon, apples, dates and Provolone veil will conquer the most intense palates.

And for your sweet tooth, the Tiramisu and Loveberry cocktail with white rum, berries, coffee liqueur, lime and sugar will be the perfect finale to your Valentine’s Day dinner in the heart of Malaga.

Valentine’s Day Dinner 2020 in Malaga: Menu with Wine Pairing

The Alcazaba Premium Hostel team is in love with the gastronomic offer by our restaurant in Malaga. That’s why we know that a single day to celebrate our love is not enough. If you want to enjoy this romantic and special menu with your beloved one, at Batik you can celebrate your Valentine’s Day dinner from the 10th to the 16th of February. Because one day is not enough for true lovers!

Wait, wait, our Valentine’s Day menu has more surprises for you. For those who are looking for the ultimate Premium experience and want to get the most out of this sensational gastronomic tasting, they can opt for the menu with wine pairing. An authentic declaration of love to haute cuisine.

Don’t put it off any longer. Book your table now and share this five-course menu and a dessert for your Valentine’s Day dinner with whoever you love most. Call us at 952 22 10 45 or tell us that you wish to taste the Valentine’s Day menu when you make your booking through our website. Batik is waiting for you to captivate your hearts and palates. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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