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Zoom Tendencias in RTVE Reveals the Secrets of Our Malaga hostel

Zoom Tendencias, a popular programme in RTVE, came to our Malaga hostel to discover why it is one of the most visited accommodations in Malaga. We had the opportunity to show them our great variety of rooms, our exquisite Batik restaurant and our terrific Terraza de la Alcazaba, one of the most outstanding rooftops in Malaga. Alcazaba Premium Hostel, a centric hotel with astonishing views and unrivalled service. Everyone knows where to find a good accommodation in Malaga!

Zoom Tendencias Discovers Our Great Accommodation in Malaga

Zoom Tendencias in RTVE is a programme dedicated to create reports about the lifestyle that a variety of establishments follows. It was an honour to have collaborated with them! We feel very flattered to be one of the trendy hotels and rooftops in Malaga nowadays.

On the one hand, Zoom Tendencias highlighted the versatility of our 21 rooms according to our clients’ demands. Since twin rooms to twin-double rooms for families or even a room for ten people – every choice is available. Besides, you can choose a shared room only for girls or specially adapted rooms for mobility-impaired people. We offer you solutions so you can find a good accommodation in Malaga!

On the other hand, Zoom Tendencias noted that, in our Malaga hostel, cleanliness, comfort and security are essential factors. That is why we offer lockers and compartments in our rooms to keep your luggage safe! In addition, all our rooms have Wi-Fi, heating and air conditioning. We also want to highlight that every room has a private bathroom and direct views to Alcazabilla Street, Gibralfaro’s castle or Malaga’s Alcazaba itself.

Our Malaga Hostel, the Perfect Accommodation in the Heart of Malaga

Zoom Tendencias wanted to reflect the history behind our hotel in one of its awaited reports and, among the highlighted aspects, you can find our rooftop in Malaga. It is a cosy and wide place where you can enjoy a fruity cocktail at your choice or classic drinks like the Cosmopolitan or the Bloody Mary. Who can resist the charm of our magical rooftop in Malaga?

In our Malaga hostel, we embrace the idea of giving our clients a modern accommodation in all possible ways, combining an amazing gastronomy with a cultural offer right in Malaga historic centre. That is the reason why Zoom Tendencias rated us as a versatile state-of-the-art accommodation that provides clients with new experiences.

If you are looking for an accommodation in Malaga, take this opportunity and try our impressive rooms and great delicacies at our Batik restaurant. Then go upstairs to our rooftop in Malaga and call it a night. You can ask us anything you need or book a room calling at +34 952 229 878 or sending an email at

Have Premium dreams with us!

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