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The Restaurant Batik Offers New Flavours: Discover Our Latest Menu

28-04-2023, Batik

The restaurant Batik reinvents itself with new seasonal flavours and a new culinary proposal. Aligned with Grupo Premium’s Philosophy, the new menu has been designed to offer an authentic and fun gastronomic experience that surely will surprise the most demanding palates. Would you like to know what’s going on? First of all, a warning: after reading this article, your mouth may be watering. You can’t say we didn’t warn you.

New Menu at Batik Restaurant: Not Even the Best Culinary AI Can Create So Tasty Dishes

New state-of-the-art technologies would not even be capable of designing a cooking proposal like the one we recently launched at Batik. With the arrival of the excellent weather, markets are full of seasonal Malaga products, the best raw material source for creating dishes filled with nuances and flavours.

Tradition and modernity; sour, sweet, salty, and spicy flavours; sea and mountain… our menu combines the best of our region and suits the tastes of all our customers with a wide variety of dishes. For example, to begin with, you can order the creamy Payoyo cheese with mango from la Axarquía orthe sashimi of salmon on pistachio ajoblanco. Two fresh and exotic bites will kick off a superb gastronomic experience.

Batik a Restaurant in Malaga with Unique Flavours

This gastronomic feast has only just begun. The main dishes are characterized by ingredients fusing local and foreign flavours with traditional and cutting-edge techniques. All the plates of the new Batik menu have been designed to delight diners’ senses through the quality of the raw materials and the subtle hints of each creation. The result? Recipes as amazing as our Spicy tuna tartare accompanied by local grown avocado and spicy green Raff tomato gazpacho, the Pork Nem Cha Gio with curry and oyster mayonnaise or the Sea bass aguachile, pineapple emulsion and green jalapeño. Fried banana and Bloody Mary.

The preparation of our meats and fish also deserves special recognition. The new Batik menu will find delicious Cannelloni of braised pork cheeks with mushrooms and pistachio bechamel, Glazed cow rib with sesame-lemongrass, and sautéed potatoes with garlic-parsley, so tender that it will fall apart in your mouth. You can always opt for our Roasted Cod on a seaweed and pea emulsion and bilbaína with momoya chilli, a true delight for lovers of seafood flavours.

Obviously, such a gastronomic experience cannot conclude without a sweet touch. If you enjoy an incredible amount of chocolate, the Hazelnut and Chocolate Mousse with cookie and vanilla foam will take you back to the flavours of your childhood. However, if you love adventure and trying more risky elaborations, a safe bet is the Caramelized banana cup with tequila toffee, white chocolate cream, passion fruit or the Osmosed pineapple with rum and panela, coconut cream and lime and basil sorbet.

Book Now and Discover the New Menu of the Batik Restaurant in Malaga

After this tour, only one thing is obvious. To understand the new flavours of our Batik restaurant, there is only one way: discover them for yourself. That’s why we invite you to come and experience this gastronomic journey with us. Rest assured that it will be one of the best culinary experiences you will ever try in a restaurant in Malaga. Come on up! Make a reservation here.

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