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Celebrate your Christmas dinner/lunch at our hostel in Malaga centre

16-10-2017, Batik

Are you out of ideas for this year’s Christmas lunch/dinner? Don’t worry! At our hostel in Malaga centre we know how hard it is to find the perfect place for such a special event and on such a requested date. That’s why we want to make things easy for you…

As every year, our boutique hostel has taken care of everything so you can enjoy an unforgettable company lunch/dinner. Let our professional staff set up this especial occasion for you. Prepare to be delighted by a unique cuisine experience, in a friendly atmosphere, surrounded by your co-workers or your family. But hurry up, bookings are running down!

Our talented chef Mario Rosado, specialised in creative cuisine, has prepared 3 amazing menu options that will satisfy the most demanding palates: Muerdago, Canela and Santa Claus. A difficult choice to make!

Choose the Muerdago menu if you want to enjoy a delicious Alcazaba Mint-seasoned Lamb Pastries and a succulent Ox Burger with Truffle, Edulis mushrooms and “red” Cheese.

Go for the Canela menu and try our tasty Miso Aubergine Hummus with Papadum. You can choose meat or fish as your main course: Teriyaki Pork Cheeks with Truffled Parmentier and Sautéed Mushrooms or Roasted Salmon with green Pepper sauce.

Pick the Santa Claus menu to savour our appetising Pork rolls with Achiote and Chile Pasilla and enjoy a main course of your choice between Iberian Pork Shoulder with Roasted Vegetables and Red Tuna Tataki with Sauteed Vegetables and Teriyaki.

To put the icing on the cake, all the menus include our exquisite dessert Hazelnut Bonbon. And on top of that, you can have several drinks, including our excellent wine selection… A real treat for your palate! So, relentless foodie, are you really going to miss out on this?

Batik's Christmas Menu

This magical experience will take place in our Batik restaurant in downtown Malaga. Come up to the last floor and enjoy on front line the amazing views from our chill-out terrace: the Alcazaba. Toast to Christmas with top brands drinks!

Please note that it is necessary to be a group of at least 8 people and you have to make your reservation 5 days in advance at least. You’ll pay a 30% of the total amount as a deposit to confirm your booking. You can pay the remaining amount by bank transfer a few days before or in cash or credit card on the day of the event. Please, email us at or call us at 952229878.

And don’t forget you can book your stay at our hostel to dance until the sun goes up! You will find a comfortable room just a few steps away from your celebration. Don’t let anything stop you from having an epic party! This is the perfect occasion to organize your getaway and visit the city. If you have any doubt concerning the menus or room packs, don’t hesitate to contact with Reception, we’ll be happy to help you.

Make the most of this year’s most important event at Alcazaba Premium Hostel!

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