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New Year’s Eve Dinner in Malaga: First Step to Kick off the Year on a Good Note

28-10-2022, Uncategorized, Batik, Málaga
amigos en cena de año nuevo 2022 en malaga

The time is getting closer! The most magical night of the year is coming and at Batik we’ll celebrate it with an unprecedented New Year’s Eve dinner, all in downtown Malaga. Dinner will be just a small portion because our proposal to end 2022 in style also includes a selection of the best hits so far, the ideal soundtrack to open the new year and mid-night snacks to recharge your batteries after rocking it on the dance floor that will allow you to kick off the year stronger than ever. Are you curious about it?

New Year’s Eve Dinner in Malaga: Main Traditions

New Year’s Eve is one of the most significant and magical moments of the year as it represents the end of a stage and the beginning of a new one. The celebrations on this day have their start with the New Year’s Eve dinner, for us in Malaga, and include different traditions and rituals that many of us keep every single year due to our believes or just because it’s something usual.

The most popular end-of-the-year tradition is to have the 12 lucky grapes at the beat of the bells. It is said this unknown ritual dates back to 1882 when the bourgeois class used to gather together to drink champagne and eat grapes during New Year’s Eve dinner. To this end, a group of people from Madrid decided to mock such a tradition by heading to the Puerta del Sol to eat grapes along with the sound of the bells. Something that initially was seen as a rebellious movement became popular all over Spain becoming the famous tradition we know and celebrate today.

uvas de la suerte en cena de año nuevo en malaga

Needless to say, the best part comes at midnight once we’ve eaten that last grape. The thing is that the New Year’s Eve party is a tradition almost as important as the above-mentioned. The cotilion is also a must at any New Year’s Eve party.

However, there is a tradition that outshines the previous ones: New Year’s resolutions. These are the goals we set every year to make our best. We also want to join this tradition from our restaurant in Malaga downtown, so this year we have decided to prepare you one of the best New Year’s Eve dinners in Malaga, which will include all the usual traditions on this very special date.

Batik: The Best Choice for an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Dinner

The magic of New Year’s Eve arrives at Batik with such a demanding closure plan to end up 2022 and welcome 2023. It all will start with a New Year’s Eve dinner in the centre of Malaga. There, after the welcome drink, guests can enjoy an assorted menu that includes the following dishes: Ricotta crunch, cane syrup and kalamata and Caccio e pepe baby cuttlefish ravioli and saffron cream with almonds, the perfect appetizers; Cava sea bass with seafood and Beef sirloin with chestnut and roasted pumpkin demi-glace, which is a perfect fuel to hit the year with strength; and Semifreddo nougat and chocolate with pistachio praline, a delight for the senses and the perfect closure before the grapes.

cena de nochevieja 2022 en malaga restuarante batik

The first part of the New Year’s Eve dinner will end after the post-bell toast and will lead to the opening of the dance floor, in which our DJ will be the one in charge of the hits to welcome 2023. The New Year’s Eve menu also includes 4 drinks.

Yet, after a few hours of non-stop dancing, it begins to feel like slowing the evening and having some midnight snacks. Maybe you are also into topping the night with an incredible breakfast. You’ll find all that in our New Year’s Eve mid-night snacks. Is there any more stylish way of starting the year than tasting all our gastronomic delights?

So, if you’re looking for the perfect plan to welcome 2023, you just came up with the solution. Prepare your best-sequinned outfit because this year your ideal New Year’s Eve plan is at Batik and it includes a New Year’s Eve dinner in the very heart of Malaga, lucky grapes and a toast, a party with 4 drinks on the dance floor and midnight snacks. Are you going to miss it?

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amigos en cena de año nuevo 2022 en malaga

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