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Celebrate Your Christmas Meals and Your Christmas Dinner in Our Malaga Restaurant Batik

Comidas de Navidad y cena de Nochevieja en el restaurante de Málaga Batik

Christmas 2023 is approaching in Malaga, and every year, it’s time to prepare the last details to celebrate one of the happiest times. If you still don’t know where to organize your company meals, the Malaga Batik Restaurant makes it easy for you. Three delicious and complete menus are waiting to surprise your colleagues. Have you everything ready for New Year’s Eve 2023 in Malaga? If you still don’t know where to eat in Malaga on New Year’s Eve, we invite you to taste the excellent Batik menu. Let’s see all the details!

Celebrate Your Company Meals in Batik

One more year, the most magical night of the year, arrives, and we want to celebrate it with you. This Christmas 2023 in Malaga, we have a clear goal: to make your experience as memorable as possible. To do this, our team is finishing every detail of the celebration, and you will only have to enjoy it with your loved ones: family, friends, colleagues… you choose the company; we take care of the menu. For Christmas meals, we have prepared a selection of 3 Christmas menus with options for all preferences. Discover them and celebrate your company meal with us!

All our Christmas menus feature delicious starters to share, followed by an individually chosen main course, a delightful dessert, and a wide selection of Premium drinks throughout the meal.

Firstly, we introduce you to Melchor, the first of our star menus for your company meal. You will start by sharing our Russian salad with confit tuna in EVOO, edamame, and black olive powder, the delicious Alcazaba pastries of lamb and peppermint, and the Panko fried avocado, gochu jang mayonnaise and parmesan cloud. You will then have to face the dilemma of choosing between the delicious Iberian acorn-fed feather with green cashew mojo on stir-fried potatoes with mushrooms, onion, and tomato and the succulent Roasted salmon with white vermouth velouté and lime on garlic sautéed vegetables. Which one will you get? Finally, enjoy the tasty Baked cottage cheese cake, homemade chantilly, and braised strawberries—quite a whim for the senses.

Let’s meet the second main character of that night: Gaspar. If you choose this complete menu, you can taste appetizers as succulent as the False soft moistened cake of foie with apple cider and toasted almonds, a Roasted pork Nem ch agio with curry mayonnaise and oysters, or a Castilian tomato salad with burrata di Puglia and pesto with toasted almonds. A whole display of exotic delicacies ready to conquer you. Choose now between the Confit cod on sauteed chickpeas with dried tomato, light pesto, kalamata, and capers or the Duck lacquered with tamarind honey and rice wok with coconut and roasted peanuts—tough choice. Finally, sweeten the night with Panna cotta with Licor-43 caramel banana, dulce de leche, and crumble.

Finally, we arrive at Baltasar,our last menu for Christmas meals. With this option, you can taste the Creamy payoyo cheese and mango of the Axarquía, the Green lollo salad, miso-marinated chicken, caramelized nuts, cherry and citrus vinaigrette, the Monkfish croquettes and leeks with chili mango, and the Spicy tuna tartare, avocado of the Axarquía and spicy green Raff tomato gazpacho—a complete selection of starters. Next, choose between the Corvina with roasted pumpkin curry, ginger, and galangal accompanied by basmati rice or the Beef rib glazed with sesame, lemongrass, and sautéed potatoes with garlic and parsley. Don’t forget to save some room for dessert: White chocolate and caramel snickers with peanut butter.

Batik’s Xmas Menu

What did you think of the company meal options? Do not hesitate and book your company meal with us. Moreover, in our Batik Restaurant in Malaga, you will be able to add Premium experiences to your meal. What do you think about receiving your colleagues with a welcome drink or enjoying an utterly open bar after eating? On the other hand, if you need to book a space to hold a team meeting or enjoy a reservation on our magnificent terrace to admire the stunning views of the Malaga skyline with delicious cocktails, let us know, and we will meet your expectations. At Batik, we continuously adapt to any of your needs, special requests, allergies, or intolerances. Remember that you need at least eight guests to reserve our Christmas menus and that reservations must be made at least seven days in advance. Call us at 952 06 38 02 or send us an email to We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Alcazaba de Málaga desde Hotel Alcazaba Premium

Live this New Year’s Eve 2023 in Malaga with a Premium touch

If you liked the incredible Batik menus for Christmas meals, you will be delighted when you discover the exquisite menu that awaits you for New Year’s Eve dinner. A welcome drink, a delicious dinner, lucky grapes, four drinks during the dance with DJ, cotillion, and appetizers… do you need more reasons to say goodbye to the year with us?

The night will begin with a welcome drink at 8:30 p.m., where you can meet with your loved ones and enjoy the beginning of the most magical night of the year. At 9:00 p.m., the New Year’s Eve dinner will follow. You will have the opportunity to taste an endless number of delicious delicacies. Let’s see what our chef has in store for us!

To kick off the dinner, get ready to taste three starters that will leave you speechless. Enjoy the Foie micuit with yogurt and parmesan, the Lamb bonbon, creamy Manchego cheese and boletus sand and the False sea ox ravioli, Nacarii caviar and saffron cream from its coral. A selection suitable only for the intrepid. Next, taste our Champagne wild turbot, fake wheat and cauliflower risotto mixed with sea urchin butter and Beef sirloin on polenta, winter truffle and Bordeaux sauce. As you can see, these delicacies will dazzle even the most select palates. Finally, sweeten the night with the exquisite dessert composed of Nougat canvas of pecan walnuts and fresh milk, Yucatan vanilla, sweet biscuit and crispy pearls. Experiment the New Year’s Eve dinner with the most Premium taste.

If you liked this selection of menu delicacies, you will be amazed to discover the finest of the premium winery you will find. Get ready to enjoy the impressive nuances of Moscatel Naranja, La Deliciosa, Menade, Fraga do Corvo, Altamimbre, Macabeo and Juve y Camps Cinta Púrpura. The most exclusive winery for the most special night of the year. And don’t forget the traditional lucky grapes!

Now you do know! A fantastic plan awaits you at the Malaga Batik Restaurant to celebrate the New Year’s Eve 2023 in Malaga. What are you waiting for to book your table? Do not hesitate and call us at 952 06 38 02, email us at or drop by Alcazabilla 12, Málaga. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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