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Christmas Dinners Arrive at our Malaga Restaurant

11-11-2019, Batik
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Have you thought about a place to celebrate your Christmas lunch? At our Batik restaurant, we know that it is not easy to find a place that meets all your expectations for these dates. So, in order to make life easier for you, we have everything ready…

At our Boutique Hostel we already thought about everything so that you can enjoy your lunch or Christmas dinner the way you deserve. Relax and let our professional team advise you. Live this special event with a unique culinary experience in a cosy atmosphere, surrounded by your friends and colleagues. But those days are coming up, so hurry up!

Celebrate Your Christmas Dinner with these Magnificent Batik Menus

It is time to organize your company dinner at our Malaga Restaurant. Our Batik restaurant introduces 3 amazing menus for you to choose from and it’s not going to be easy to pick just one. The choices are Gibralfaro, Biznaga and Picasso. Three referents from Malaga that will make your imagination fly and will delight the most exquisite palates!

With the Gibralfaro menu you will taste the delicious Hummus of vanilla pumpkin, feta and caramelized pine nuts, aswell as the innovative and creative Burger of cod, ink aioli and tomato jam.

With the Biznaga menu you can enjoy the combination of, for example, exquisite Spinach croquettes, goat curl, toasted garlic and caramelised pine nuts with the succulent and tasty Taco de presa on the grill with boletus sauce and garlic potatoes with trigueros.

With the Picasso menu, a refreshing and intense Salad of tender shoots, chicken in Modena marinade, caramelized almonds and citrus vinaigrette together with the surprising Salmon with fried rice and yakiniku with sautéed hedgehogs, plankton and prawns.

All menus include desserts as the exquisite Carrot cake with vanilla cream and biscuit ice cream or the amazing Chocolate coulant with mango ice cream. And, of course, you can pair our menus with a wide selection of wines. Discover all our culinary combinations and don’t miss out on this experience!

Batik Offers More than Gastronomy for your Christmas Lunches

We already told you about the gastronomic offers at our Malaga Restaurant in the city centre. But remember that Batik is right under the chill-out rooftop terrace of our boutique hostel. So, after your company dinner, come up to the terrace and marvel at the unique views over centuries of Malaga’s history while tasting our wide variety of cocktails. Are you going to miss this opportunity to celebrate a Christmas dinner in such a special way?

Remember that you need at least 8 guests to book your table and that reservations must be made at least with 5 days in advance. In addition, the Batik kitchen team wants everyone to enjoy the best gastronomic experience: for people with allergies or intolerances we have special menus, which must be confirmed upon reservation. To book and confirm the rest of the conditions that apply send an email to or call us at 952 22 98 78. Book now, get your table!

Oh! And if you want your night to be unforgettable, you can also book your stay at the hostel and live the full experience. So you can forget about everything else and fully enjoy the party, without any worries. Enjoy your Christmas dinner and a unique stay at Alcazaba Premium Hostel!

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