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Batik and Its Tribute to the Andalusian Tradition with a Night of Flamenco

Looking for a special place to have dinner in Malaga? If you don’t have a plan for Wednesday, 29th March evening in Malaga, we can help! There is still a long way to date, but Grupo Premium has a proposal that you won’t refuse in any way.

What about tasting a delicious dinner at our Batik restaurant while getting into Malaga’s history, culture, and tradition? The experience will be a journey in which your senses will meet again with Andalusian gastronomy and roots. In addition, it will also be a beautiful commemoration of our beloved Alcazaba. If you are curious, keep reading to discover all the highlights we have planned for you at Batik.

A Dinner Lightened Up by a Flamenco Show
Batik – Having Dinner in Malaga Is an Experience for All Your Senses

A Dinner Lightened Up by a Flamenco Show

As we said before, on 29th March in the evening, the dinner service of Batik will offer you an exclusive and unique menu that will be most similar to a journey back in time. Your palate and mind will again harmonize with all the nuances, the so-called “Palos,” and styles of the Andalusian region. Of course, they will also discover other Mediterranean cultures that belong to this wonderful gastronomic heritage and have played a key role in shaping part of our identity.

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Now, imagine if you could add to this experience a live flamenco guitar show played by Rubén Portillo, who will enliven each of the menu’s dishes with a flamenco “Palo.” Beginning with the Zambra in the starters, a typical flamenco danced among the gypsies of Granada, to the famous Bulerías for dessert, as well as the well-known Alegrías of Cadiz and the Fandangos of Huelva in the main courses. Doesn’t that sound incredible? You can now relive every detail of the Andalusian culture and honour our beloved Alcazaba thanks to a menu in just one night.

Batik – Having Dinner in Malaga Is an Experience for All Your Senses

Since this Malaga dinner is about blending our Andalusian and Mediterranean roots, the dishes have been cooked with ingredients depicting both cultures. First, we encourage you to try our delicious Roasted chickpea hummus and lamb kebab. This dish will be surrounded by a musical piece played by our flamenco artist.

We will move on to an exquisite dish combining the Israel and Malaga traditions: Potato and hake burekas with orange and “aloreña” olives. Dare to enjoy a contrast of flavours and cultures to delight your senses. And voilà… we have already got to the highlights of this dinner, the starters. Choose between a delicious glazed tuna belly in Kabayaki, “Mazamorra” with cashews and Atsina Cress, which has an oriental twist, or an Iberian pork fillet dressed on Bulgur salad and yogurt with coriander, a Turkish-Andalusian delicacy, don’t you think so? Finally, sweeten your flamenco dinner with delicious honey millefeuille topped with cottage cheese and pistachios.

Please remember that you can complement each of the dishes to enjoy our best local and national wines for only an additional cost to the price of the menu. You also must book and pay in advance by calling us at 952 22 10 45 or emailing

Do not miss out on this fantastic night and save some time on your agenda to live a whole show of flamenco in all its musical and gastronomic facets. Experience it yourself!

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