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Live the Afterwork in Malaga with Batik Club

10-03-2020, Batik
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As you know, our Batik restaurant in Malaga keeps secrets inside and outside its menu. One of them, which more and more locals are discovering, is its concept of club and restaurant, unique in Malaga. Located on the fourth floor of Alcazaba Premium Hostel, Batik is no longer just a well-known restaurant, but it becomes a club with the sunset. You don’t have an after-work plan? Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

Discover Our Batik Restaurant in Malaga: In Constant Evolution

Our Batik restaurant is known for the continuous renovation of its menus, which combine an excellent Mediterranean signature cuisine with international dishes. Our chefs are in charge of choosing the most exclusive seasonal products and creating authentic wonders that will be reflected in menus that are adapted to the seasons and that will delight our diners. By the way, do you know we already have a new menu from Batik restaurant?

Furthermore, with this new season, we have not only renewed our restaurant menu, but we are also releasing a new wine menu. Because a Premium meal demands a customised pairing. What are you waiting for to discover the best selection of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines? And remember, you can always ask for recommendations to our team, who will always be happy to make suggestions.

If all this news has surprised you, get ready because the best is yet to come. For those who love Malaga’s afterwork, climb to the fourth floor of Alcazaba Premium Hostel to meet Batik Club!

A Malaga’s Afterwork Plan with Batik Club

What better way to disconnect from work than to enjoy the views of the Alcazaba in the cosy atmosphere that Batik offers you in the heart of the historic centre of Malaga? The working days are very long, the weeks become endless, but everything improves when you know that then comes the afterwork with friends. And what better place to enjoy an afterwork plan in Malaga than Batik Club.

A club on the heights overlooking the Alcazaba and the historical centre of the city, a cosmopolitan and very sophisticated atmosphere and a select menu of cocktails and gins with top quality brands… The best combination to relax! What do you say we add a little music, too? Every Saturday from 5 pm to 8 pm you can enjoy the best music by our DJ, who will be in charge of livening up your afterwork experience in Malaga. Sounds great, right?

You didn’t know about Batik’s club concept yet? Are you looking forward to making your debut in our Batik Club in Malaga centre? Take advantage of this opportunity because now your visit to Batik is not limited to an haute cuisine experience: finish your meal with an unbeatable afterwork plan or extend your evening with dinner at the restaurant… You set the plan, we set the mood!

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