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Our Cocktail Bar in Malaga Sets the New Cocktail Standard in Town

The cocktail bar in Malaga’s Alcazaba Premium Hostel sets the new cocktail standard from our rooftop terrace to national contests. We already told you how our cocktail expert from MalagaCarlos Caba won the 1st place as local Young Barman. Now in the national contest, he continued to dazzle with his creations.

If you too want to feel like the judges of this prestigious cocktail championship, you’re in luck! La Terraza de la Alcazaba renews its cocktail menu and includes two of the creations by Carlos Caba. Are you going to miss them?

New Cocktails on Our Rooftop Terrace in Malaga

Having one of the national leading experts in cocktail mixing is a real luxury. But at Alcazaba Premium Hostel we think that the greatest luxury is being able to share it with all of you. That’s why the new cocktail menu on our rooftop terrace in downtown Malaga features some of the creations of our award-winning bartender.

With over 30 cocktails in categories ranging from fruit, sweet, citrus and even non-alcoholic cocktails, this new cocktail menu will surely have what you’re looking for. Classics like the Piña Colada, the Margarita or the Premium Mojito, the real king of La Terraza de la Alcazaba. Of course, we also have daring creations for the adventurous and non-conformist cocktail lovers in Malaga.

Vodka, rum, tequila, gin? Elderberry flower, ginger beer, angostura, tabasco, champagne? Lime, coconut, passion fruit? Which of these exquisite ingredients will win you over? You will be able to discover it from the 24th of January, when our new menu will be released, revolutionising the cocktail scene in Malaga.

Cocktails in Malaga that Break the Rules

Carlos Caba already surprised the provincial jury with his creation Alcazaba, a combination of vodka, apple, lime, vanilla and angostura that raised him to the first place in the Young Barman category. Besides, this award opened the doors to the national cup that was held in Navarre.

There he had to prove his quality in two very demanding tests: Black Box and Breaking The Rules. In the first one, our bartender had to choose two ingredients to combine with two other surprise ingredients, hidden in the Black Box.

After passing this test, the chosen ones had to work as a team to create two drinks and two glasses per drink. Well, Carlos returned from this competition with the third place in both categories and a new combination: the Red Ginger, which incorporates gin, raspberry, elderflower, lime, mint and ginger beer. What a display of cocktail mastery!

Now you do know. If you want to enjoy Malagas newest cocktails, La Terraza de la Alcazaba makes it easier than ever for you. The local winning cocktail and the creation that surprised in the national contest are just some of the new additions to the new menu that we’ll be releasing on the 24th of January. We’re waiting for you at our rooftop terrace in Malaga for this cocktail experience!

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