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Malaga Downtown Restaurants: Discover Malaga’s Gastronomy

Do you know our Malaga downtown restaurants? If you are wondering where to eat in Malaga, we know the answer: Premium Group restaurants invite you to discover Malaga’s gastronomy as an authentic gourmet. Know Yuba’s delicious fusion cuisine, delight yourself with Bendito’s variety or travel with the five senses in Batik. And lovers of tapas and beer will be most welcome to La Fábrica. But that’s not all! A true Premium experience cannot be complete without visiting the rooftops in Malaga. Variety is the spice of life, isn’t it? Choose between the history of La Terraza de la Alcazaba, the chill out atmosphere at La Terraza Oasis or a great panoramic view from La Terraza de San Juan. Keep reading and discover all the news!

Our Downtown Malaga Restaurants Will Make You Fall in Love on Valentine’s Day

(From February 10th to 16th)

The month of love is here and, at Premium Group, we are celebrating! We’ve already told you about our plans for Valentine’s Day, but you can’t miss out on the romantic plans we have prepared in Yubá and La Fábrica. Keep reading and don’t miss any detail of all the offerings from Premium Group!

If you are looking for the perfect place to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you are in luck. Yubá, our restaurant in downtown Malaga, has prepared an exquisite Valentine’s Day menu that will make you fall in love until the end. If your thing is to travel and discover the gastronomy of other countries, you will fall in love with the exciting tour we have prepared across the most romantic cities in the world. From February 10th to 16th, you will be able to taste an endless number of international dishes accompanied by the best of our winery. Will you dare to try dishes as exclusive as the Sorrentino stuffed with black hake with noisette butter and nuts, typical of Argentina, or the exquisite Flemish veal carbonade with chocolate and Chimay beer above mashed potatoes, quite a delicacy in Belgium? Prepare to conquer with this display of sophisticated dishes! And there are many other surprises… A great romantic getaway in Malaga Premium Hotel.

On the other hand, La Fábrica offers you another ideal answer to where to eat in Malaga on Valentine’s Day. If you want to spend this special day surrounded by good music, good vibes and our #craft atmosphere, don’t hesitate and celebrate love with us. In addition, we suggest a selection of dishes to share with your partner that will open up your hearts. Open your mouth (and your heart) with our exquisite Beet hummus with chickpeas and Feta cheese or our delicious Avocado tartare with pico de gallo, coriander, prawns and lemon vinaigrette with homemade chips and get ready to fall in love with our Grilled Iberian prey with low temperature baby potatoes with tomatoes and portobellos. You won’t miss the slightest detail!

Malaga’s Gastronomy: New Cocktails at La Terraza de La Alcazaba

(From the 24th January)

Once again, Malaga’s haute cuisine is on trend! The bartender of our Alcazaba Premium Hostel has dazzled the national cocktail scene with some dreamy creations. And we want to share them with you! That’s why, at our downtown Malaga restaurant, we are launching a new cocktail menu on our rooftop terrace that includes some of our winner’s innovations.

With a variety of over 30 cocktails, including fruit, sweet, citrus, refreshing and even non-alcoholic cocktails, with this new menu you will find everything you are looking for. Classics such as the Piña Colada, Caipirinha, Margarita or Mojito Premium join the more daring creations, such as the award-winning Red Ginger or Alcazaba. And they are all ready to surprise you!

Are you more into vodka, rum, tequila or gin? Do you like special combinations with elderflower, ginger beer, angostura, tabasco or champagne or do you prefer to stay with lime, coconut or passion fruit? Which of these exquisite ingredients will win a place in your heart and delight your palate? Discover our new cocktail menu from January 24th and get ready to feel the revolution of the cocktail scene in our downtown Malaga restaurants. You won’t regret it!

Where to Eat in Malaga this Christmas: Very Premium Company Meals

(December 2019)

December is here and, as expected, it’s time to prepare Christmas meals. La Fábrica’s Premium Group restaurant knows how important these events are, in which the festive atmosphere and the possibility of enjoying Malaga gastronomy in good company prevail. For that reason, they have prepared three menus for groups that you can pair with the authentic Soho Beers. Haven’t you seen them yet? It’s time to choose the one that best suits your tastes. Let’s go!

La Fábrica Cruzcampo offers you three options: the Dixie menu, whose starters will show you a wide variety of flavours and with which you can taste an exquisite Norwegian hamburger as the main dish, as well as the magnificent Chocolate cookie dessert with biscuit ice cream and liquid Nutella. The Folk, in which they propose a series of delicious starters, such as the great and tasty Hummus of chickpeas and carrots, feta cheese and candied sesame, and whose exquisite main course, Iberian pork shoulder Japanese styled with baby potatoes, portobellos and cherry tomatoes, will leave you speechless. Lastly, the Swing, with which you could make room in your stomach for the main course. You can choose between a fabulous Roasted beef patty with tender spring onions and smoked scamorza, or our unique Baked salmon with pistachio crust with bimis, peas and pak choi sautéed.

And if all this weren’t enough, in Premium Group we want you to enjoy these traditional Christmas festivities in the best possible way and, for this reason, our Malaga downtown restaurants expand even more the gastronomic offer for your company meals. Come over to Bendito restaurant at Málaga Premium Hotel and try its varied Christmas menus. Besides, you will have the opportunity to be delighted with a completely renewed menu. On the other hand, if you prefer a typical Malaga touch in your Christmas meal, don’t hesitate to visit our distinctive Batik restaurant. Here, in addition, you will have the opportunity to continue the celebration at our wonderful rooftop Terrace and to enjoy exquisite high-end cocktails. We are waiting for you!

The Malaga Downtown Restaurant Yubá Renews its Cocktail Offer

(December 2019)

Innovation and delight are two of the Premium Group’s great standards. That’s why our professional bartenders team has completely renewed the Yubá cocktail menu. Yeah, you heard right. Yubá’s cocktail offer is première!

There are already many who had the opportunity to taste the marvellous signature cuisine that distinguish this Malaga downtown restaurant. However, Yubá does not stands out only for its gourmet cuisine, but also for its exquisite cocktails. So, flooded by the spirit of Christmas, they have decided to give cocktail lovers a new menu with unique combinations that adapt to any palate and time of the day. Will you dare to try them?

You could start with the classic Italian Spritz, composed of Aperol, gin, lime juice, ginger syrup, tonic and black pepper. Surrender to the charms of this Italian appetizer that will take you from a sip to the Veneto. Or, if you want to have a cup of coffee after a great meal, you can enjoy the Perfect Coffee, composed of coffee, brandy, Frangelico, vanilla syrup and coffee liqueur, a cocktail with a creamy texture, an intense flavour and a good dose of caffeine.

But that’s not all! In addition to a large selection of cocktails that you can pair with Malaga Gourmet gastronomy, Yubá offers you the Club concept, thanks to which you will have the opportunity to experience the full flavour of its new cocktails at any time of the day and surrounded by the most premium atmosphere and the best company. Don’t hesitate and visit Yubá, one of the restaurants of the first gastro-hotel in Malaga.

Malaga Gastronomy: The Third Edition of the Travelling with Friends Lands in Asia Event

(November 20th)

On last September 20th the third edition of the gastronomic cycle Travelling with friends took place at Malaga Yubá downtown restaurant. On the occasion of the closing of the event, Yubá organized a very special dinner in which 90 guests enjoyed a 4 hands international menu that fused Asian and Mediterranean food. If you couldn’t assist to the meeting, keep reading and we’ll tell you more details.

The protagonists of the night were Yubá’s chef, Mario Rosado, who chose Álvaro Ávila, La Alvaroteca’s chef as his travelling companion. Together, they got involved in an incredible adventure to delight 90 guests with an endless number of delicious dishes, among which we can highlight the Tsukune of smoked duck and lacquered Peking style, on noodles Show mein or the Tartar of prawns, veal and avocado with cold soup of pickled jalapeños and Tikka masala. Quite a pleasure for the senses!

However, the night held a great surprise. The students of the cooking course of the Arrabal Association participated in this gastronomic event and demonstrated the incredible culinary skills they acquired during the course. It is clear that the future of Malaga gastronomy is in their hands!

In short, all these surprises resulted in an unforgettable night and a spectacular closing for the Travelling with Friends cycle, in which we experienced again the Premium experience: a relaxed atmosphere, a fantastic gastronomy and a perfect pairing. We loved having you there with us! And, if you couldn’t get a table, don’t worry, we’ve got a lot more ideas for you!

Haute Cuisine in Malaga: Second Edition of the Event Travelling with Friends

(17th October)

Yubá invites you to a trip next 17th October on the occasion of the second edition of the event Travelling with friends. This time, the diners who book a table to enjoy this international menu will be able to delight themselves with an incredible fusion of Malaga’s gastronomy and the tropical flavour of the Caribbean. Our restaurant’s chef will be joining our guest chef, Roberto Nieves from Food & Famous Catering, to delight our palates with the combination of two different climates in a single international 4-hand dish. Ready to start your trip with Premium Group?

This surprising menu starts with the most refreshing starters. Get ready to choose between a tasty Caribbean cold tomato soup, ceviche style roasted octopus, vanilla, avocado and tree chili, or the exotic Shrimp moqueca with manioc our crust and crispy black tapioca. To continue, try the Duck with tamarind sauce & roasted banana with wide chilli golden tacos, or if you prefer, go for it with the intense Green marinated sea bass loin with Acapulco style chopped black bean. And, to round off this very special menu in our Malaga downtown restaurant, choose between a creamy Three milks bonbon and the mixture of traditional and exotic flavours of the Jaggery inadita with quince, goat cheese and cashews. Quite a whim for the senses. What are you waiting for? Make your reservation now calling at 951 90 29 85 or send us an email to Remember to make your reservation at least 48 hours in advance!

The Malaga Downtown Restaurant Yubá Introduces Its Brand New Tasting Menu

(From the 3rd October)

At Premium Group we love to innovate and surprise our customers. For this reason, Yubá restaurant has introduced some changes in its menu to welcome the fall season. From the 3rd October you will be able to taste this new menu, which consists of three dishes to share, a delicious salad, three main courses of fusion food and four new desserts. And we do not forget the dishes that make up their usual gastronomic offer. Now is your turn to take the decision. We know it’s not easy!

On top of that, it also brings a brand new tasting menu, which will delight your senses and make you taste a real Premium experience. A wide selection of seven dishes that combine the best of Malaga’s gastronomy with the signature cuisine that characterizes Yubá. This new and exclusive tasting menu consists of three of our most outstanding starters, three of the most creative main courses and a dessert that will delight your evening in Yubá. And, if you wish, you will be able to pair the new Yubá’s tasting menu with a wide selection of wines and cocktails. Do you want to try everything and you don’t know where to start?

Call at 951 90 29 85 or send an email to to make your reservation and taste the new dishes in Yubá’s menu or our new tasting menu.

Where to Eat in Malaga: New Tapas Menu in La Fábrica’s Malaga Restaurant

(From September)

At Premium Group news doesn’t stop! Now it’s the turn of our most traditional restaurant, Cruzcampo Brewery La Fábrica! In its eagerness to please its visitors, La Fábrica introduces an appetizing tapas menu which will delight the great tapas lovers. Many people will now find it hard to choose between our usual gastronomic offer and the spectacular novelty in tapas. Do you want to know more? Hold on, curves are coming!

Get ready to taste a delicious Russian salad with prawns and arbequina olive mayo, while you accompany it with an appetizing Melted brie cheese bruschetta with PX mushrooms stew. Instead, if you are more meaty, enjoy our Roasted beef patty with tender spring onions and smoked Scamorza or dare with the Chicken and ham creamy croquettes with fried pepper alioli. You will have no doubt as to where to eat in Malaga. Follow the suggestions in the menu to find out which Soho beer pairs best with each tapa. Tapas with pairing!

But the news never comes alone! As you know, October is the month of German beer and Oktoberfest and at La Fábrica we could not miss the opportunity to celebrate this great event with all of you. Don’t hesitate and come to our Malaga downtown restaurant to taste our selection of German beers, specially the Festbier, unique for the occasion. And, of course, you will be able to pair your beers with a very deutsche menu. What are you waiting for?Hurry, you have until the 6th October! We will be waiting for you!

Now you do know. If you don’t know where to eat in Malaga, visit our website, where we will bring you all the events of Premium Group so you don’t miss any experience of Malaga’s gastronomy. Keep an eye and don’t miss the news!

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