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Malaga Local Designers: Local Creators Who Shine With Their Own Light

Malaga local designers are setting the rhythm for fashion in the city. More and more creators in Malaga are going with entrepreneurship and the creation of innovative, original and high-quality products. Thus, we can find an endless number of Malaga local designers who have managed to settle down in a very competitive world and have become real models not only in our city, but also beyond its borders. Would you like to know them? From Alcazaba Premium Hostel we offer you a unique tour so you can discover the alternative shopping in Malaga.

  1. Hilario Carruana
  2. Labienhecha
  3. Juanita Banana
  4. Tadoro Tuduri
  5. Mu’Tú Málaga
  6. Vera Blonde
  7. Pepa Loves
  8. Mia Bruns
  9. Dezencia Clothing

1. Hilario Carruana: A Malaga Fashion Designer Who Goes for the Body

Hilario Carruana is a great model of Malaga fashion. This designer is one of those who goes for the naturalness of the body and understands fashion as a means to highlight its beauty, not to hide its flaws. In addition, his designs can fit any body and can also become completely different and unique garments.

With this innovative fashion concept, Hilario Carruana settles down himself as a Malaga local designer and creates his brand. Lo Mínimo offers an idea of garments with simple and minimalist lines, created under an exclusive geometric pattern system, based on pure forms that maintain the natural proportion of the human body. Furthermore, all garments are handmade on demand and adapted to each customer’s size and measurements. What are you waiting for to visit him and see all his designs?

2. Labienhecha: A Group of Malaga Local Designers That Combines Craftsmanship and Sustainability

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy alternative shopping in Malaga, we have the solution. Behind this innovative brand from Malaga, there is a team of women who make high-quality garments. They aim to create local, ecological and high-quality products by using sustainable materials and traditional techniques. At the same time, they create local employment and boost the role of women in Malaga. In addition, this team aims to take its ideas beyond our city and position itself nationally and internationally as a sustainable brand with a great social commitment.

Handbags, wallets, purses, key chains, straps or belts are some of the products that these Malaga local designers make with excellent materials. Are you curious to visit Labienhecha? Visit their studio-workshop in the El Palo district or their concept-store in Malaga centre. Whether it’s for a gift or a high-quality treat…You won’t regret it!

3. Juanita Banana: Show off Your Alternative Shopping in Malaga

Do you like showing off vintage clothes with a different and special touch? Don’t look any further! The Malaga fashion designers behind Juanita Banana brand have the solution. This is a sustainable and ethical fashion company from Malaga, which only manufactures in Spain and using national fabrics. These original garments are intended to be special and different from the rest, as well as to engage an audience who is not afraid of standing out with unique clothing not related to age or style. In addition, this funny brand is very committed to sustainable and traditional production. For this reason, the production of each model is limited and serialized, so that customers know how many garments there are and which one is theirs. Do you want to know more about your alternative shopping in Juanita Banana?

Behind this brand is Maravilla Muñoz, a designer from Cordoba who grew up in her parents’ industrial shirt factory and now devotes her body and soul to her fashion project: Juanita Banana. To date, their shirts, skirts, dresses, T-shirts and jackets are available in Cadiz, Burgos, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Santiago de Compostela, Rota, Cordoba, Madrid and, of course, Malaga. And soon they will also arrive in Seville and Almería.

4. Tadoro Tuduri: Malaga designers of swimwear fashion

Tadoro Tuduri, founded by Ángela Villanueva Tuduri, is a handcraft brand of reversible bikinis and swimwear that produces on a small scale and in a sustainable way. These original swimsuits are made in workshops in Malaga, by experienced seamstresses who reflect their experience in the final product. In addition, Tadoro Tuduri fabrics are produced domestically, with the OEKO-TEX®quality seal, and are committed to preserving the environment.

Thus, Tadoro Tuduri Swimwear presents a great collection of bikinis and reversible swimsuits with fun, sexy, timeless designs including elegant vintage touches. This swimwear trend is perfect for enjoying the summer, outdoors, whether on the beach, in the pool or barbecuing with friends. In addition, all models are of high quality, comfortable, adaptable to different breast and panty sizes and can be combined with panties and tops. What are you waiting for to get your swimwear? Discover alternative shopping in Malaga!

5. Discover alternative shopping with Mu’Tú Málaga

Are you looking for cosmetic products to help you live a plastic-free life? Meet a different kind of everyday soaps: Mu’Tú Málaga. Ester runs this ecological cosmetics company from Malaga, and she is a strong supporter of the zero waste movement that seeks a balance between oneself, nature and society. With this philosophy in mind, Ester creates her brand and launches her soaps, totally handmade and ecological.

Mu’Tú soaps are made from natural ingredients, without sulphates, parabens, silicones or palm oil. They are not tested on animals, nor do they contain ingredients of animal origin. They are suitable for vegans, except for the lilac shampoo which contains honey. In addition, they are made using the traditional cold process. Would you like to get one? Surprise yourself with the wide variety of handmade soaps, solid shampoos and moisturizing bars, among other products. Enjoy your alternative shopping in Malaga with the environment in mind!

6. Vera Blonde: the bags of a stylish designer from Malaga

Are you passionate about genuine and stylish bags and accessories? Meet Vera Blonde, Ana Vera’s prestigious brand -influencer and designer born in Malaga. The company was founded in 2014, aimed to create luxury bags made in Spain. Thanks to great Spanish craftsmen’s individual work and their expertise in obtaining national materials of the highest quality, their designs come to life and showcase their characteristic classic and sophisticated spirit.

Ana Vera is the creative soul and founder of Vera Blonde and, as such, pampers every detail to the fullest. Meet the woman who will wear her bags, a modern woman with a taste for the classic and the exclusive. In addition, these bags are designed to be part of any wardrobe and do not go out of fashion. Let yourself be conquered by their contemporary bags, full of bright colours and beautiful lines!

7. Pepa Loves: Designers from Malaga Setting Style

Looking for unique and distinctive fashion styles? We present you Pepa Loves, a feminine fashion brand from Malaga that features fresh and colorful styles. This modern firm is run by the Solis brothers, who reinvented their mother’s business, Pepa Karnero, and have managed to take it beyond our borders. Today, thanks to their great online strategy, these Malaga designers have more than 38,000 followers on Instagram.

But what makes their designs even more special? This firm has a strong animalist philosophy, so none of its products come from animals. Thanks to the advances in the textile industry and alternative fabrics such as polyester or cotton, they pride themselves on being able to offer quality clothing without harming any animals. In addition, their unique vintage-inspired style has managed to captivate celebrities and fashion experts around the world.

Now that you know them, go ahead and do your alternative shopping in Malaga! You can get the cheerful and romantic designs of this local brand on their website or in many local shops that distribute them.

8. Mía Bruns: Creativity and Marine Inspiration Come Together in This Local Creator

If you’re looking for exclusive, personalized headwear and accessories, this is your place. Mía Bruns is a company from Malaga that specialises in creating unique jewellery, headpieces and accessories inspired by the sea. The design is totally handcrafted from natural materials by Ítziar Morales, the creative mind behind this company and creator of the concept Sea Jewellery (Joyas del Mar).

This unique project aims to highlight the beauty of women with the help of unique details that highlight any dress or hairstyle. In addition, it also makes custom designs, following each client’s needs and preferences. And what’s more, each item is unique and different, and has its own identity.

What are you waiting for to order your marine accessory? Thanks to the help of this designer from Malaga, you will have the magic of the sea at your fingertips and you will certainly catch other people’s eyes. Check them out!

9. Dezencia Clothing: The Perfect Choice for Your Alternative Shopping in Malaga

Haven’t you ever dreamed of dressing like you did when you were a kid? If you like the cheerful and colourful outfits that will turn heads on the streets, don’t miss the designs by Dezencia Clothing. This alternative firm seeks to conquer your heart with their own youthful fantasy style; that’s why their garments include plenty of striking prints, cheerful motifs and bright colours.

Behind Dezencia Clothing is the Malaga-based designer Rosebelle who, after years of pursuing her dream, has established herself as a designer and now has over 57,000 fans on Instagram. The main idea behind her designs is to raise  the self-esteem of her clients, create eye-catching clothing and retrieve that happy girl we all have inside.

That’s it, don’t wait any longer and discover all the products available at Dezencia Clothing, your alternative shopping store in Malaga city.

These are just some of the Malaga local designers and creators who have come to our attention. Stay tuned to this publication, which will be continuously updated so that you can get to know those great minds that allow you to enjoy alternative shopping in Malaga. Who knows if that little creator on the corner will conquer the world market thanks to your trust and support. From our hostel in Malaga centre, we want to do our bit and become the speaker of all these great creators and local designers.

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