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Our boutique hotel at FusiónFresh: the innovative Fresh Food salon

20-04-2017, Batik

Our boutique hotel had the pleasure —and the privilege— of taking part in the first edition of FusiónFresh, the Fresh Food salon of Malaga province. Nearly 1,000 Andalusian entrepreneurs knew that attending this event was one of the best things to do in Malaga last 13 March, in such a way that this new Fresh Food fair had already reached its attendance goal by noon! The village of Alhaurín de la Torre hosted this important event, which also attended our boutique hotel, Alcazaba Premium Hostel.

El chef Mario Rosado junto a Jose Manuel Montalvo y Juan García en el FusionFresh 2017

Just another Spanish cuisine event?

Absolutely not… It has been a top Spanish cuisine event for professionals, definitely worth visiting, far from the ordinary Spanish tapas fair. Both the Batik restaurant and the chill-out Rooftop Terrace of our budget hostel in downtown Malaga attended this meeting of professionals with innovative proposals and eager to enjoy and learn with this extraordinary opportunity.

Mario Rosado y Robert Nieves durante el showcooking de Batik

Grupo Gallego, Panadería Salvador and Román y Martos were in charge of organising the gastronomic salon, with the purpose of bringing together different companies in the catering sector and creating commercial synergies, always with the fresh products of the land as protagonists. In addition to the exhibition of fresh top quality products with more than 20 stands, at FusiónFresh we were able to enjoy live demonstrations in order to learn to make the most of fresh products with the latest trends in the market.

How did our boutique hotel contribute to FusiónFresh?

Our budget hostel contributed with the innovative cuisine of our restaurant Batik and the professional cocktails of our chill-out Rooftop Terrace, which, of course, participated in the FusiónFresh demonstrations.

Our chef, Mario Rosado, performed some showcooking with Robert Nieves preparing complex dishes “with four hands”. Attendees were also able to taste the dishes they were making live. We also had the pleasure of meeting the Top Chef contestant from Malaga, Richard Alcaide.

But as our boutique hotel has not only good food but also delicious cocktails, the award-winning bartenders on our chill-out Rooftop Terrace also participated in FusiónFresh and gave attendees the chance to witness an exhibition of succulent cocktails made from fresh fruits. A full show of colour and flavour.

In addition to our budget hostel, other young companies from the industry participated in the event. José Manuel Gallego, owner of the Gallego Group, thanked everyone for the involvement in this gastronomic hall, which will return for sure in future editions to continue discovering the opportunities that our quality fresh products have to offer.

In the meantime, until the next gastronomic salon arrives, we are eager to welcome you at our boutique hotel, Alcazaba Premium Hostel. You should definitely come and try some of the constant innovations of our chef and the delicious cocktails of our chill-out Rooftop Terrace with the breathtaking views of Malaga’s Alcazaba in the background. All of this in the very heart of the old town, where Malaga’s nightlife takes place. See you around!

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