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Our Malaga Restaurant Introduces its New and Delicious Menu

05-03-2019, Batik
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5/5 - (1 vote)

Our Malaga restaurantstarted the year the best way possible: with an incredible new menu! The new Batik restaurant menu is filled with flavour, seasonal products and, besides, it offers a unique gastronomic experience; not to mention its savoury wine selection providing top notch pairings. If you are still wondering where to eat in Malaga, Batik is the ideal option in the very heart of the city. Enjoy our kitchen novelties!

The New Batik Restaurant Menu Will Leave You Speechless

Our restaurant in Malaga has reinvented its menu to offer you the best dishes and an experience that combines all senses. With the new Batik restaurant menu, we are completely sure that you will enjoy traditional gastronomic flavours in a unique manner, as if it was your first time, thanks to the prodigious hands of our kitchen team. What’s more, we can change our dishes to make them suitable for any allergy or food intolerance. We’ll take care of everything!

This new Batik restaurant menu begins with dishes designed to be shared, like the Black olives tapenade with pomodoro oil, basil and rustichela sauce, a Spread delicacy. Next you can have a taste of the refreshing Alcazaba mint-seasoned lamb pastriestogether with the delicious Scrambled eggs with seven spices and cured salmon tartare.

At our restaurant in Malaga we love green and its meaning: hope, new beginnings, lightness… That is why our salads, made for every taste, are filled with the colour. What do you think of the Cous cous salad with feta, nuts, kalamata and tomato with harissa and basilexotic touch? Or how about the “Batik style” Russian salad with prawns, because we did not forget the traditional flavours even though we have given them our special twist. Try our Codfish carpaccio, pistachio oil, dry tomato and olive chipsand you’ll know what we are talking about.

Batik: The Restaurant in Malaga with the Perfect Pairing Offer

With our new Batik restaurant menu, we have also left room for the intense flavours of exquisite wines, coming from the traditional regions in the country. We currently have a selection of 19 DO and 30 different grapes, this way you can choose your favourite combination of flavour and aroma. For example, if you are passionate about meats, we recommend you try our Cumin lamb pita with yogurt and mentholated knob celery, paired with an Altamimbre wine, Ribera del Duero (DO). The union of its velvety palate and its unique aroma will make your meal a unique experience.

At our restaurant in Malaga, the best of the sea and the mountains merge, as our city is characterised by having both, and our gastronomy is just its reflection. If you are up to a seaside flavour, the Scallop with roasted and truffled cauliflower risottois always an excellent choice, that you can pair with a refreshing Barón de Rivero verdejo wine. Should you opt for the mountains and fancy a juicy meat dish, you have to try the Grilled pork shoulder with boletus sauce and garlic potatoes with wild asparaguswith a red wine, such as the Vivir sin dormir eco-wine made with monastrell grapes. These wines are made keeping the Mediterranean cuisine in mind.

In the new Batik restaurant menu, you can always go for a muscatel, one of our city’s wines. Combine it with one of our spectacular desserts, such as the Creamy peanut Norwegian cake, flambé at the momentor the Three cheeses bombon with blackberries and crunchy cover. Authentic delicacies by the Alcazaba!

Our Malaga Restaurant: Excellent Food in the Very Heart of the City

We want the new Batik restaurant menu to determine a breaking point for us this 2019 and we want to share it with you. Try our delicious dishes and live a luxurious evening in one of the most emblematic locations in downtown Malaga. Later on, you can climb up to the Terraza de la Alcazaba rooftop terrace and sip your cocktail for a chill-out after dinner. Book your table now calling +34 952 221 045 or send us an e-mail to And remember that Batik is the place where “love in the stoves becomes colourful.”

Come visit us at Alcazaba Premium Hostel!

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