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Malaga Restaurant Batik Unveils Its Most Exotic Side With a Tropical Paired Dinner

10-05-2023, Batik

The Malaga restaurant Batik brings with it some very tropical surprises. When we hear about Brazil, we think of exoticism, paradisical beaches, heat, and many Latin rhythms, not to mention the famous carnivals that attract so many people yearly. However, Brazil is much more than that. You may not be so well acquainted with its exquisite cuisine, an explosion of colours, textures, and flavours that will take you to one of the planet’s natural and gastronomic paradises. Still, there is an easy solution to that.

If you are in Malaga on May 31, you’re fortunate. On that specific day, we put at your disposal a very tropical dinner and food pairing directly flown in from Brazil. The Batik restaurant, part of the Hotel Alcazaba Premium, allows you to taste the best of Mediterranean gastronomy blended with nuances from all over the world. Dare to travel through the senses in a gastronomic and intercultural environment in an evening that will undoubtedly be unforgettable. Do you want to know more? Keep reading to be updated.

A Dinner with Tropical Pairing at a Beat of Music

As we told you, if you are in Malaga on May 31, we offer an exotic and attractive plan that you won’t refuse. From the other side of the ocean, specifically from South America, some of Brazil’s most exquisite gastronomic delightsland right in the centre of Malaga. Our restaurant in Malaga offers you a dinner paired with cocktails and live music played by the artists Noe Sakura and Eneko Alberdi, who will perform the bossa nova: a Brazilian musical genre that combines samba with a strong touch of jazz.

All tuned up to enjoy the best delicacies and heavenly cocktails in a tropical meal where every dish will be paired with some of the best musical pieces of the bossa nova? If that is the case, get ready to welcome the menu’s main dishes, which will awaken your most intercultural and tropical side while always keeping a local touch.

Bossa Nova and the Alcazaba, a Dinner with a Tropical Pairing

If you come to Batik on the night of May 31 from 8:30 pm onwards, rest assured that your senses will travel around without you having to move from the seat, and all this while enjoying the splendid views of our beloved Alcazaba, the Roman Theatre and the remains of the historic centre of Malaga. Now, it’s time for you to know the proposals that make up this exclusive tropical food.

First of all, and to start whetting your appetite, our chefs have prepared a duo of salgadinhos or savoury snacks: enjoy the famous Quibe with marinated ground meat, cheese, and fresh wheat and the popular Coxinha of barbecued chicken wings with coriander paste and “huancaína” sauce, which gives the wings a refreshing and spicy air respectively. Don’t you think two treats in just one dish are amazing?

Now we move on to the Sea bass moqueca bahiana with manioc, rice, kidney beans, and parmesan. It is a fish, vegetable, and coconut milk stew quite typical in the northeast of Brazil, a very suitable option for those who are not so enthusiastic about meat and prefer to change a bit.

Next comes a kind of barbecue in a more Brazilian style: Picanha beef in coating tataki with mashed yucca and roasted spring onions with dende. The picanha is a piece of meat in the most tender part of the veal fried briefly over high heat: a delight on the palate for lovers of the most traditional cuisine.

Finally, the best way to end these succulent, tasty, and paradisical passes is the dessert, which will sweeten your experience at Batik so that you crown your Malaga night with quite a good feeling in your mouth. Of course, a typical Brazilian product such as coconut could not be missing from the table. The coconut quindim, a famous sweet in the northeast of the Samba paradise that looks a lot like our own pudding and is accompanied by passion fruit ganache, is a kind of cream usually presented in tartlets, all with a touch of meringue. Sounds delicious, right?

A Tropical Menu with a Perfect Pairing

Of course, you can also combine these dishes with some of the most exotic and tropical cocktails and live the whole experience. Check all the information regarding the paired dinner scheduled for May 31 in the Preámbulo section of our website, the programme par excellence of Grupo Premium, which brings you a new and different activity every week.

Remember to book in advance and if you have any questions, call us directly at 952 06 38 02 or send an e-mail to the address Come and have dinner at the bossa nova beat in our Batik restaurant in Malaga. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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