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Series and Movies Filmed in Malaga: Cinematic Landscapes for Your Viewing Pleasure

If you are a great lover of film culture and you are looking for film locations in Malaga, you will love this guide. As you know, our city is widely known for the Málaga Film Festival, but its relationship with cinema goes even further. There are many film directors who have come to our city to shoot some of their scenes. And no wonder given the wide variety of settings that our city has to offer! So that you can also discover them, we have prepared this guide with some series and films shot in Malaga and the settings they have chosen. Are you curious to discover which titles have taken an interest in our city? Let’s get started!

Modern Film and Series Filmed in Malaga:
The Crown
Summer Rain
The Paradise
Snow Girl

Classic Film and Series Filmed in Malaga:
Verano Azul

Current Movies Filmed in Malaga

The Crown

When we talk about series and films shot in Malaga recently, The Crown immediately comes to mind. This popular Netflix original series, which stages the life of Queen Elizabeth II of England and the most relevant milestones of her long reign, came to Malaga last 2020 to shoot some scenes in many places within the capital and province that pretended to be Oceania. Places such as the Auditorium of Malaga or the Botanical Garden, among others, were occupied by an endless number of actors and extras who took advantage of the great cinema potential of our capital. In addition, the producer of this British series also settled beyond the capital, filming in places such as the Congress Centre in Torremolinos or the Cártama Bridge. But we have to stay tuned! The producer announces that they will also arrive in Malaga for filming her fifth season.

Summer Rain

Another example of movies filmed in Malaga is Summer Rain (originally El Camino de los ingleses). This film by Malaga actor and director Antonio Banderas premiered in 2006 and featured a large team of Spanish performers who guaranteed its success on the big screen. In addition, throughout the movie you can see numerous locations in and around Malaga city centre. In this way, while the experiences of the main character Miguelito Dávila take place, the audience will be transported to emblematic places of the historic centre such as La Merced, Paseo del Parque or Gibralfaro (next to our boutique hotel) or, beyond the centre, to the district of Churriana and the beach of Guadalmar.


We continue our journey through the films shot in Malaga with another big screen success. We are talking about Toro, the second film by the director Kike Maíllo, starring a magnificent cast in which the likes of Mario Casas and Luis Tosar stand out. In this action thriller, the characters embark on a journey of reconciliation through a violent and wild Andalusia, visiting such outstanding places as the Malagueta beach, Fuengirola or Torremolinos. In addition, since this film premiered in 2016 during the Malaga Film Festival, the cast took the opportunity to visit our facilities at Alcazaba Premium Hotel and gave some interviews from our restaurant Batik and La Terraza de la Alcazaba.

Kosta (The Paradise)

TV series, on the other hand, also have a great attraction for Malaga. We’ve discussed this before with The Crown, but now we want to mention two fresh new series that are being recorded these days in the capital of Malaga. The first of these is the Finnish series Kosta (The Paradise), the first season of which premiered in 2020. Fran Perea, known for his role in the Spanish television series Los Serrano, returns to the small screen in this co-production by Yle and Mediapro. On this occasion, the filming crew is moving to the port of Malaga to film its second season. The plot will unite the police forces of two apparently unrelated cities (Fuengirola and Oulu) and is expected to premiere at the end of 2022.

La chica de nieve (Snow Girl)

On the other hand, on March 8 the filming of the adaptation of Javier Castillo’s best-selling novel, Snow Girl, began. This new series shot in Malaga, produced by Atípica Films for Netflix, has come to Malaga city centre to record their first scenes in a perfect Christmas atmosphere during the Three Kings Parade. This upcoming Netflix release, based on Javier Castillo’s acclaimed thriller, will be filmed in both Malaga and Madrid, and promises to entertain the public from the very first minute. Although we do not yet know more details about the release date on the streaming platform, it does seem likely that the protagonists Milena Smit and José Coronado will be seen in our city. The perfect prelude to Malaga Film Festival 2022.

Series and Movies Filmed in Malaga for Classic Lovers


However, Malaga is not a recent cinema destination and its role in cinema dates back to the 1950s. Within this extensive number of series and films shot in Malaga throughout history, we first highlight Cabriola. In this film directed by the American Mel Ferrer, the Spanish actress and singer Pepa Flores, also known as Marisol, manages to enter the world of entertainment with the help of her idol, Ángel Peralta. On this occasion, Mel Ferrer chose Fuengirola as the ideal setting to shoot this film, whose premiere took place in 1965.

Verano Azul

Later on, in 1981, the premiere of Verano Azul took place. This well-known TV series describes the adventures lived by a group of young people in Nerja. In this film, you can see beautiful places such as the balcony of Europe or the beaches of Nerja and Maro in Malaga, but also has scenes shot in Almuñécar and Motril (province of Granada). In addition, due to the great success that followed this series, Nerja is currently home of a replica of the famous ship of Chanquete.

What do you think of this examples of series and movies filmed in Malaga? If you want to discover more places in Malaga that served as film locations, keep an eye on the upcoming updates of this publication. Surely they will not let you down!

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