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Valentine’s Day Dinner in Malaga: Travel to Ancient Greece from Our Restaurant in Malaga

21-01-2022, Batik, Boutique hotel

Are you looking for ideas for your Valentine’s Day dinner in Malaga? Our Batik restaurant offers you the most romantic and special plan: a Valentine’s Day menu with a pairing option with which you will travel to Ancient Greece. If you want to surprise your partner by demonstrating your deep love, you cannot miss one of the most original Valentine’s Day plans in Malaga this 2022. And watch out! You could fall in love with the exquisite dishes we have prepared at our Malaga restaurant.

Valentine’s Day Dinner in Malaga: Enjoy Ancient Greece Love at Batik

The month of love is here and Hotel Alcazaba Premium unveils its most romantic side. Like every year, we want you to have the best experience with your partner and not have to worry about looking for the best Valentine’s Day plans. Just focus on celebrating love! On this occasion, our restaurant Batik in downtown Malaga invites you to discover thedifferent types of love of Ancient Greece with an incredible Valentine’s Day menu. Are you ready to experience an authentic journey through the senses?

This romantic journey begins with the concept of hospitality or Xenia, starring a unique dish of Grilled edamame, cured egg yolk and milk foam. The perfect starter to a journey that will introduce us to the different stages of love. Then comes the turn for the Eros salad: wakame, green beans, American sauce, lobster and fried kingprawns. This unique combination of flavours represents Eros,the purely carnal passionate and impulsive love.

If this combination of entrees does not conquer your heart, wait until you taste the main courses. Our Mellow codfish stew will reach your heart and evoke memories of Ludus, that young love and flirtation typical of the initial stage of any relationship. However, if you feel that love for your partner has matured and lasts over time, you are ready for Pragma, represented with our Faux gurullo with oxtail.

Enjoy the Exquisite Valentine’s Day menu with Wine Pairing at Our Malaga Restaurant

Finally, we have the perfect dessert that will conquer the sweetest of hearts: White chocolate cream, raspberry and bitter toffee soup. The authentic Afrodita’s kiss. What better way to end a spectacular Valentine’s Day dinner in Malaga than by sharing a delicious dessert with your partner? This way, the feeling of hospitality represented by Xenia returns as the final culmination for this romantic dinner.

If you don’t want this amazing journey to Greece to end, wait! Our Valentine’s Day menu brings more surprises. For those who want to get the most out of this sensational Premium experience, this menu has a very exclusive pairing option. Is there a more special occasion to taste the best wines in our winery? Let’s toast to love!

¿A qué esperas para vivir la mejor cena de San Valentín en Málaga? Reserva ya tu mesa en nuestro restaurante Batik llamando al 952 22 98 78 o escribiendo a y comparte este delicioso menú con esa persona especial. Además, si quieres una experiencia de San Valentín de lo más completa, puedes reservar tu habitación con menú de San Valentín desde nuestra web. ¡Demuéstrale tu amor con un viaje para los sentidos! ¡Feliz San Valentín!

What are you waiting for to experience the best Valentine’s Day dinner in Malaga? Book your table now at our Batik restaurant calling at 952 22 98 78 or via email at and share this delicious menu with that special person. Besides, if you want a Premium Valentine’s Day experience, book your room with Valentine’s Day dinner. Show them your love with a journey for the senses! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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