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We Are Premiering a New Batik Restaurant Menu!

22-06-2022, Batik
nuevo menĂş batik restaurante malaga

Our Malaga restaurant is premiering! As a new season comes, Batik renews its gastronomic offer and surprises with new dishes full of seasonal products. The new Batik restaurant menu will be available from 2nd June and will amaze our most exquisite customers with incredible novelties.

If you still don’t know what’s on in Malaga, come to our Batik restaurant and enjoy an unparalleled dining experience.

The New Batik Restaurant Menu and Its Delicious Seasonal Flavours

Now that good weather arrives in our city, our Malaga restaurants are reinvented to include the best flavours of the season in their dishes and delight customers with authentic gastronomic experiences. Therefore, from 2nd June the new Batik restaurant menu will be available to show a varied and exquisite gastronomic offer. In addition, with this new menu, Batikadds a fresher touchand suggests resuming the originality of its kitchen, in which nuances and colours play a fundamental role. Let’s start this sensory and gastronomic journey!

Following the philosophy of Grupo Premium, this new Batik restaurant menu invites you to live unparalleled experiences and share them with your loved ones. Because a Premium experience tastes so much better if it is shared! And speaking of sharing… Let’s get to know the starters on our menu! You may find it difficult to choose between the delicious Alcazaba lamb and mint pastela or the Amontillado foie micuit and pepper roasted pear, two very different options whose flavours will surprise you. However, our suggestion is the Chipotle-seasoned bravas, smoked and spicy. With this star dish, you will not only live an authentic dining experience, but you will also contribute to the Grupo Premium Foundation.

If you wish, take some time to assimilate all these novelties, but do not miss our Salad of sprouts with nuts, caramelized goat cheese, dates and citrus vinaigrette. An explosive combination of sweet and citrus flavours that will not go unnoticed.

Batik Malaga restaurant keeps surprising

The time has come to resume our gastronomic journey and get to know the wide variety of main dishes in our restaurant in Malaga. Will you choose the unique Sashimi of aburi salmon on pistachio ajoblanco, tomato and chives balsamic or the exotic Nem of tikka masala chicken with yoghurt sauce, mint and lime? Although we know that you will find it hard to choose between all these delicacies, the main objective of the new Batik restaurant menu is for you to enjoy with all your senses. Ready to try the Lacquered salmon on summer vegetables and cow ricotta cheese or would you prefer the succulent Lacquered duck with orange honey, thyme, lemon and venere wok rice? And the list of options has only just begun… Discover it here!

Of course, a gastronomic journey cannot end without a good dessert. For those with a sweet tooth, Batik offers a difficult choice between the delicious Apple hot tartlet with rum and cinnamon and walnut ice cream or the fresh Toasted cream cheese with roasted strawberries with pink pepper and mint. And if you like intense flavours, try the 70% Chocolate bar with sweet wine core and coffee ice cream. You won’t regret it!

Now that you know the news that the new Batik restaurant menu will introduce on June 2, what are you waiting for to come and visit us? Remember that our dishes are adaptable if you have any intolerance or allergy, you just have to check with our Malaga restaurant team. We will be waiting for you!

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