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Our Malaga Restaurant Invites You To Celebrate Your Christmas Lunch and New Year’s Eve 2021 at Batik

Have you missed Christmas lunches? Once again, Batik fills up with the festive spirit of this endearing season and invites you to celebrate your event with a total guarantee of success. Company celebration, Christmas dinner or even New Year’s Eve 2021, any Christmas event is possible in our Malaga restaurant. Give in to the Christmas spirit surrounded by your loved ones and we will take care of all the preparations for your celebration. In addition, you can please yourself and taste the new Batik restaurant menu, which introduces all the flavours of the season.

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Malaga Restaurants: Taste the New Batik Restaurant Menu

As you already know, at our restaurant in Malaga we like to please our customers with constant innovation in our menu so that they enjoy the best Premium life experience. Thus, with the arrival of the new season, an endless number of autumn and winter flavours comes to the new Batik restaurant menu, whose dishes will leave more than one diner speechless. And you will not have to worry about any allergies or intolerances, as all dishes can be adapted. Are you ready to taste them?

What do you say we start with a succulent starter like the Tortilla vaga, smoked eel, nori and caramelized onion? Or, if you prefer, you can taste our exquisite Roquefort, pear and walnut croquettes, a very special and supportive dish that contributes to the CUDECA Foundation. Next, we suggest a wonderful Russian salad Batik style with Iberian ham mayo and fried shrimps, a delicacy for the most select palates. Also, if you like exotic flavours, don’t hesitate to try our exquisite Kingprawn tartar, tomato tartar and garlic-coco cold soup. A very special flavour that you will want to try again.

Let’s now move on to the main course. Do you prefer a Puntalette risotto caccio e pepe creamed from an Andalusian perspective with buttered scallops, the delicious Red tuna cachopo with Payoyo cheese and confited Piquillo peppers or the incredible Grilled pork shoulder with CafĂ© ParĂ­s black peppered butter, potato trinxat and fried bimi? A real flavour dilemma. Finally, it’s time to dessert and we suggest a classic one that never fails: Rice pudding, noisette butter, vanilla and smoke. Or, if you prefer something bolder, try our Chocolate coulant with mango ice cream. Remember, the new Batik restaurant menu has options for every taste.

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived: let’s welcome the menus that will star in our Christmas lunches this 2021! If you are still looking for a restaurant in Malaga to hold your company celebration, our restaurant Batik brings you the solution. This year we propose three different menus composed of a wide selection of dishes to share and individual dishes, accompanied by the best variety of drinks and a delicious dessert. In addition, we have a range of extras to make your celebration even more special. The hard part will be deciding!

Our first guest is the Melchior menu, consisting of four delicious starters to share, the main course to choose between meat or seafood, drinks and dessert. If your favourite Wise Man is Melchior, you cannot miss the Payoyo cheese with sweet-sour pineapple or the succulent main course consisting of Puntalette risotto caccio e pepe creamed from an Andalusian perspective with buttered scallops. In addition, Melchior gives us a Creamy cheese with strawberries and cinnamon crumble as dessert and two great wines from our winery: Carramimbre Verdejo and Carramimbre Roble.

Now comes the turn of Gaspar, who will accompany your company meal with four great starters to share, among which we suggest the Foie micuit with a PX touch, smoked corn and passion fruit yoghurt. As the main course, you will have to choose between the Confited cod au gratine with black noodles and coral alioli or the Grilled pork shoulder with Café Paris black peppered butter, potato trinxat and fried bimi. And, of course, Gaspar also offers a delicious dessert and two excellent wines from our winery: Libalis and Vivir sin dormir.

If you liked our Melchior and Gaspar menus, wait, Balthasar is about to arrive. This menu brings us five exotic dishes to share, such as the Vietnandalusian chicken rolls with garam massala and tandoori sauce or the Alcazaba mint-seasoned Iberian pork pastries. Then, we suggest you try the main course consisting of Mature beef ribs with our BBQ Jim Beam sauce, Robuchon styled potato purée and fried bimi. Our mouths are already watering! Finally, enjoy the sweetness of the White chocolate and coffee cold cake with candied pistachios and its ice cream and the exclusive flavour of our wines: Gregal, with the Gewürztraminer grape variety, and Romantica.

What did you think of our menus for Christmas lunches? Now it’s your turn to gather 8 people and choose one of our menus to star in your celebration. You can also choose any of our extras, such as a welcome drink, a meeting room, an open bar or even a reservation on our terrace. Tell us about any intolerance or allergy when confirming the reservation and confirm your menu and any of our extras five days in advance. And don’t forget that you will have to make a pre-payment to book your table. We will be waiting for you!

Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021 in Malaga in Style

Are you ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021? At our restaurant in Malaga we are polishing the last details to make that night unforgettable and we can say goodbye to the year in style. In addition, this year we offer a menu for New Year’s Eve dinner that will leave you speechless. Do you want to know more?

Let’s start with a welcome drink to greet your guests specially. Then take a seat and enjoy the feast we have prepared. Among the starters, savour Fried foie gras and apple, Cylindrical pastries stuffed with smoked cod brandade and Gazpachuelo, a cold soup with mature shrimp and turnip celery. A whole orchestra of flavours! Then choose your main course from the tasty Roasted black cod, miso, spinaches with truffle and cauliflower or the creamy Ravioli filled with black grilled bull’s tail stew and Robuchon purĂ©e. In addition, this feast will be accompanied by the best of our winery: White Libalis, Bornos Frizzante and Flor de Vetus.

After this variety of dishes, comes the sweet moment, consisting of Gingerbread mousse filled with wild cherry and mint white chocolate soup. Quite a pleasure for the senses! To finish, this surprising menu also includes the twelve New Year’s grapes and a JuvĂ© y Camps Cava. And you won’t have to worry about any of the details of the New Year’s Eve party, as, in addition to the menu, we include cotillion, four drinks and a second dinner.

What do you think about the new Batik restaurant menu? Also, remember that at our Malaga restaurant you can hold your company celebration surrounded by your colleagues or meet the whole family for an intimate Christmas dinner. Our Christmas menus can’t wait for you to try them. And don’t forget to celebrate an amazing New Year’s Eve 2021! We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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