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Hold Your Prewedding Party in Style at Our Malaga Hostel

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5/5 - (2 votes)

Do you want to celebrate an unforgettable prewedding party and you don’t have any clue? If this is the case, you’re lucky! Our Malaga hostel offers everything you need to organise an elegant bachelor party or an elegant hen party. Make your event the perfect prelude to the important day ahead. Keep reading and discover all the options we have in store to organise your prewedding party.

A Unique Prewedding Party in Our Malaga Hostel

In the heart of Malaga, Alcazaba Premium Hostel is a four-storey boutique hostel, whose ability to adapt makes it the best place to hold your great event. No matter what plan you have for your prewedding party, our Malaga hostel, its facilities and our team of professionals in the organisation of tailored events adapt to your needs. Our goal is to provide you with the Premium experience you are waiting for.

We know that company is one of the most important aspects in an elegant bachelorette party and, for that reason, Alcazaba Premium Hostel offers a very versatile range of group accommodation. So, whether all your guests don’t live in Malaga or if you want to extend this party before the wedding until the body can hold up, accommodation will never be a problem. We also have rooms with 6, 8 or 10 beds!

Besides, in our Malaga hostel we are only concerned that your event will be a success and that it will become one of those days you will never forget. You just have to tell us all your plans and expectations about this event and… Enjoy! We’ll take care of everything.

Have a Premium Experience in Your Prewedding Party

Alcazaba Premium Hostel likes elegant bachelor parties and, to make your experience as rewarding as possible, we offer you our magnificent fusion cuisine restaurant and our Malaga terrace.

If you organise an elegant bachelorette party and you want it to become an indelible memory, our charming hostel offers you a delicious dinner in our beautiful restaurant in Malaga Batik, at the fourth floor of our Malaga hostel. A trip around a world of exotic flavours, in a relaxed and elegant environment: the perfect backdrop to bring together that circle of people waiting for your big day as much as you do. And what is more, our sommelier would be delighted to recommend our wine selection. How does it sound?

Now, we take your prewedding party one step further. If you thought our offer was incomparable… Go up to La Terraza de la Alcazaba, located in the last floor of our hostel, and enjoy the breathtaking views of la Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle and the majestic night illumination. Furthermore, our Malaga terrace will astonish you with its chill out atmosphere while you taste the wide selection of drinks and cocktails, created by true cocktail professionals.

Remember, if you want an elegant hen party and a distinctive touch to surprise your guests, our Malaga hostel adapts to your needs. We offer you an exclusive, relaxed and elegant environment in which you will taste a gourmet menu and a great selection of quality cocktails. And everything in the heart of Malaga. Why organise a common bachelorette party when you can have your own tailored Premium prewedding party?

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