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Mother’s Day 2021 in Malaga: Enjoy Our Premium Experiences

Still no idea for your gift for mum? Mum deserves the best gift. That’s why, Hotel Alcazaba Premium and Premium Group came up with a fantastic plan for you: Give her an endless number of experiences with our Premium card. Whether she wants to savour the gastronomic variety of our Malaga restaurants, or if she prefers to enjoy the views over downtown Malaga from our terraces, this is the ideal gift for her. Celebrate this wonderful day with your mum with the best Premium life experiences. Because she is worth it!

Mother’s Day Gifts: Live a Unique Experience with the Premium Group Gift Card

We know how hard it is to find a special gift for your mum, because you want only the best for her. We suggest you introduce your mother to the Premium philosophy with our gift card. Forget the traditional gifts and celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 in style!

If you have already given the Premium Card for Father’s Day, you know how it works. Nonetheless, if you are not familiar with it, you will find that it works as a gift card. Just top it up with the amount you want to give. Simple, isn’t it? But there’s more. As it is a Premium card, you can purchase it and use it at any Premium Group establishment. Your mum will be free to decide which experience she prefers most.

And if that’s not enough, you won’t have to worry if you don’t spend the full amount on May 2nd, on Mother’s Day. The Premium Card does not expire and you can top it up whenever you want.

Come to Our Malaga Restaurant or to La Terraza de la Alcazaba on Mother’s Day

Now that you know all the advantages of our gift card, you will have to decide which of our experiences you want to start with. It won’t be easy, as Hotel Alcazaba Premium has prepared endless options so that you have no limits on this Mother’s Day.

If you are great lovers of gastronomic experiences, we suggest you visit our Batik Malaga restaurant and taste a delicious lunch or dinner menu. Let yourself be surprised by its exquisite fusion cuisine and dishes that adapt with the freshest products to each season. You will also be able to follow the advice of our team and pair Batik’s dishes with our wine menu. Let’s have an unforgettable Mother’s Day 2021!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a relaxed plan to enjoy the incredible sunsets over our city with your mum, you can also climb up to our rooftop terrace in Malaga: La Terraza de la Alcazaba. Her favourite cocktail and an amazing view of the historical monuments. And to round off the Premium Life experience, why not treat your mother to a stay in our hotel? Can you think of a better plan for a Mother’s Day gift?

Premium Group Invites You to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 in Malaga in Style

You don’t want to set limits to the experiences that our Premium card can offer, is it? As you already know, you have at your disposal all the establishments of the Premium Group. Do not settle for less!

You can enjoy the surprising fusion cuisine of Yubá, delight your palate with the innovative flavours of Batik or even taste the urban tapas style of La Fábrica. The thing is: Do you prefer to pair your dishes with the most exclusive wines or with our delicious craft beers from Malaga’s Soho? On the other hand, if you’d rather go for a more relaxed plan, you can always enjoy the views over our wonderful city from one of Premium Group’s rooftop terraces. It is up to you: La Terraza Oasis, La Terraza de San Juan or La Terraza del Quizás. They all have an excellent location right in downtown Malaga, but they offer unique atmospheres so that your experience is different in each one of them.

To end this special Mother’s Day, we cannot forget the wide range of accommodation that Premium Group has to offer. Bring your gift card and book your stay in the gastronomic hotel, Malaga Premium Hotel, or in the new Malaga Premium Apartments.

What do you think of the wide variety of experiences offered by our Premium Card? Surprise on May 2nd with the best gift for mum: a Premium life. Remember, to book your card, you just have to call us at the Premium offices on 952 06 38 02 or email us at Gift a Premium Life for Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day 2021 in Malaga: Enjoy Our Premium Experiences
Hotel Alcazaba Premium,
Starting on
2 mayo, 2021
Ending on
2 mayo, 2021
Get your Mother's Day gift now and make her enjoy incredible experiences with Premium Group. Do not think it twice!

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