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New Year’s Eve 2018 in Malaga: A Magical Night at Our Malaga Hostel

16-01-2019, Batik, Boutique hotel
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New Year’s Eve 2018 in Malaga was truly spectacular and we want to thank you for having enjoyed the last moments of the year with us. At our hostel in Malaga, we could certainly expect that New Year’s Eve was going to be a complete success, thanks to the spectacular menu our restaurant Batik proposed and its enviable atmosphere. All the attendees made this New Year’s Eve 2018 something really magical. Do you want to know how our last plan of the year went?

Our Hostel in Malaga and Its Delicious New Year’s Eve Dinner

Batik, our hostel’s restaurant in Malaga, welcomed all the attendees in a cosy yet modern atmosphere, ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2018 in Malaga in style.

The kitchen team at our hostel in Malaga was more than prepared to offer us a wonderful evening with a menu specially designed for the night: sweet and salty, traditional and exotic flavours, combined in endless number of dishes distributed around our restaurant tables. Surprises went on with the awaited cotillion and, of course, a great musical variety to welcome the first dawn of the year. Without a doubt, the best gift for these days: ending the year with a Premium Experience!

New Year’s Eve 2018 Party in Malaga as Never Before!

After enjoying the exquisite dishes from our restaurant in Malaga, it was time to celebrate the New Year. It wasn’t too long before the cotillion began. Shortly after the bells, the whole place was filled with live music. Besides, our professional bartenders left us flabbergasted with their acrobatics when it came to preparing great and original cocktails. And how could we forget about the finishing touch for such a special night? The wonderful views from our Alcazaba rooftop terrace completed a unique and unforgettable evening for all of us who enjoyed it; those who booked well in advance were even able to stay at our facilities. Is there a better way to welcome the first day of the year than in the heart of the city?

Celebrating New Year’s Eve 2018 in Malaga with you has been a real pleasure. If you want to repeat the experience or discover how to organize a Premium New Year’s Eve, stay tuned to all our news. We wish you all a 2019 full of the same joy and excitement we experienced in Batik’s wonderful atmosphere. Happy New Year, everyone!

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